Rockin’ Lounge Yoga Rocks

There are no negatives, just different levels of positive? No matter how low it may seem, looking up will always allow one to climb. Sometimes the way up is not so steep, other times, steep can be scary, and then, upward tips back into your view. An indoor sport is now made up of this view, hanging on to grip holds attached to walls of different pitches. Climbing up to the top is the goal, hand over hand, foot holds set in different angles, upwards, always with positive thoughts. The way down, is not as a downward dog pose, as climbing in this lounge, really prepares you to rock.

MauiSkiBus can add a yoga class that is secondary business to a rock climbing not gym, as lounging around with a peaceful atmosphere is prevalant here, alongside the Animas River. Durango, Colorado has a climbing location that allows positive minded rock climbers a terrific location to add in a yoga class for added climbing flexibility. The Rock Lounge was excited to have MauiSkiBus parked in front of their location, adding in a bit of positive bright yellow color. Step on in here, watch the various methods of climbing techniques, pitches, and belaying methods, before a class, taught by a vibrant beaming Meredith.

Rock climbing is a very dangerous sport, one that allows no errors, no negatives allowed, no accidents. Having flexibility from yoga will add that extra bit a strength for that extra reach, extra foot hold, just more endurance to hang in there, looking up. Congrats to the owners of The Rock Lounge, Marcus/Tambri  Garcia, for having the insight to add yoga as an added benefit offered for their dedicated rock climbers. Up, up, and away!

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The Rock Lounge Yoga


Leave the crowd, go solo dude

Standing in a lift line when the snow conditions are perfect is not what will make a great day of skiing. Being able to get those first tracks, to find a secret stash of clean untracked powder is in the forefront of any skier/snowboarder’s mind. Skiing solo, or single, helps to get you on the lift faster, as on a powder day it is fine to leave your buddies behind, even gambling, leaving your girlfriend/wife behind. Sleeping on the sofa that night might reveal a snow pow smile, re-living all of those perfect turns. Being solo in a multitude of skiers/snowboarders on a powder day is the right mind set.

Salt Lake City has a lake, duh, a salt lake, which evaporates  moisture in winter, delivering powder snow to the nearby Wasatch Range. Legendary dry, very serious avalanche baby powder, and skiing solo when it dumps feet here is the way to go. Solitude Mountain, an easy beautiful drive from anywhere in the Salt Lake City area, is a ski destination that will deliver face shots upon face shots of perfect powder. MauiSkiBus had visited this fine medium sized resort before, and now a deer will enhance this property, as in Deer Valley, which recently annexed Solitude.

A quick call to the Ryan marketing marvel at Deer Valley and sensational Sara from Solitude sent a quick message to MauiSkiBus to “come on down”, really a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Photos were to be taken with parking lot attendants, rental gear agents, and Solitudes’ famous ”FOG”, groupies that love this place, meeting twice a week to add a bit of nostalgia. MauiSkiBus hosted this eclectic group, making sure that this day at Solitude was not really solo. A fair warning or advice to all; when that magic snow filters into this canyon, dumping flakes upon flakes of super light powder, go ski solo at Solitude.

Einstein’s Imagination endorses Gravity Yoga

More and more is being found out about quantum physics, the relationship between matter and motion. All matter is constantly in motion and all matter on Earth has gravity as a force field. A spine is simply a strong boney spring that holds together the human skeleton, compressing when walking or doing most forms of lifting and exercise. Rarely does the human spine de-compress, as gravity is usually forbidding it to. Not so in the life of a tropical ski bum bat.

In the early 1980′s, inversion boots were introduced and a serious scoliosis twisted spine of a twenty year old future tropical ski bum, found out what hanging around really meant. Upside down was added as a way of life, adding spinal de-compression into a permanent lifestyle. MauiSkiBus is equipped inside with a chin up bar that also works as a bar for gravity boots. If Einstein was to do mathematical quantum physics upside down with all that added blood to his already advanced brain, what would have he been able to add to his discoveries? Just place your imagination in his mind, as MauiSkiBus did the same at Imagination Place, Anti-Gravity Yoga, Salt Lake City.

Doing all forms of traditional yoga on a mat creates a plane to work off of, however doing yoga hanging in various inverted positions, creates a 3D plane. This form of yoga will become more popular, as the ability to move your body with ease, will create a better flow in the end. The technique at first may seem a bit different, as very few forms of any exercise or sport puts your body upside down in an easy manner. MauiSkiBus really embraces this, as doing inverted exercises has been a common practice for over 30 years. So go hang, get comfortable with this, do some stretching, and let your imagination flow free with inverted yoga.

Two female bats

One tropical male bat.


Mountain Sandy works for Yoga

Really, too expensive to take a yoga class? One beer at a bar is five bucks, drink three, take a yoga class. Four Starbucks is a yoga class. Couple stupid packs of cigarettes? Take a yoga class. An injury because one might be too stiff, lacking flexibility? Take a yoga class for a year. Work for yoga is now what mountain Sandy does, is that a deal?

Sometimes it is a good thing to put yourself into a situation that forces you to do something that you might let the evil force of procrastination to win at. Working pat time at a yoga studio in exchange for classes make it so much easier to take a class on your labor sweat. A work for yoga classes offering like this from the brilliant owners of a yoga studio situated at the base of the Watsach Range, was a first for MauiSkiBus this 2015 season. Mountain Yoga Sandy, in Sandy, Utah, is a very vibrant, alive, and super fun place for yoga, and that should mean the same for employment. Will work for yoga instead will work for food, might be a new trend. No advertising on cardboard allowed.

A step into the entrance here is a step into a different reality, one created by the masterful mind of Jackie, as eyes will have tease of artistic delight. Surely the other half, Alex, loving all of the stories shared by MauiSkiBus, capturing his attention to host a tropical ski bum. Mountain Yoga Sandy pays homage to the great skiing to be found in Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood Canyons, with a bit of fun loving Kelli, to lead a class, meant to revise future habits. You can change your future by changing your habits and surely your habits will change your future. Mountain Yoga Sandy has started a new future trend, Thanks for the super duper invite!

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3 super lucky lads



Basin of Snow’s Gondola Museum

Actions speak louder than words. The achievements of deceased men will live on through the lips of alive men. Once written, stands forever. Just Google it. Life is easier to exist than excel, as the non-doers have more time to sit around and talk about the doers. Focusing on the Olympics, summer or winter, is at least four years in the making. Dedication to excel at this high level has room only for a few, however those few are spread out all over the world. Where to find the names of winter Olympians that have medaled in one spot? Not even Google has that available, however a moving strawberry and needle will be able to share with you.

Assume wrong and it might mean “ass u me”. This 20015 snow season has been very rough on the ski industry all over the west. Some resorts are fine, some have struggled, and too many have shutdown early. MauiSkiBus needed internet, so decided to go into one of the, if not the, best ski lodges that it has ever visited east of Ogden, Utah. Snow Basin was the site for the downhill, super G, and combined races during the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics. Finding solace in a banquet room with a fireplace, where there are so many fireplaces to snuggle up to, MauiSkiBus did much needed office work.

A drop in to the admin office, and admin Karen, all smiles and giggles, loved seeing MauiSkiBus when she arrived to work. A quick call to a marketing guru J Dyer, and MauiSkiBus found its way up 3,000 feet on Needles gondola to the rugged peaks of Mt. Ogden. Adorning both inside and outside of all 86 gondolas are tributes to past winter Olympians. Need more info, head skiers right, drop into the land of berries and all 86 gondolas on Strawberry also honor past Olympians. More info desired? Explore the lodges of Snow Basin and find the discovery room, learning about the land area history surrounding the Snow Basin Ski Resort.

One fireplace, two fireplace, three fireplace, and more, this is a ski area that has lodges built to withstand a tornado, modern day relics adorning walls, wooden beams to marvel at, and then all of those names of Olympians on the 192 gondolas. MauiSkiBus received its biggest surprise of the 2015 season, as what viewed like a nearly snowless mountain, had a plethora of perfect spring skiing runs, many under the museum worthy gondolas, Needles and Strawberry. A fantastic day was had at Snow Basin. Now MauiSkiBus needs to find a way to move into the lodge.

water first while reading the white menu

The atmosphere at a ski resort is usually about the snow conditions, lift lines, where there is still powder three days after a blizzard, but what is often missing, the dining experience. Bigger world known resorts, such as Aspen, Telluride, Vail/Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Deer Valley, Whistler, all have the five star restaurants, some situated at the top of the mountain, adding to the ambiance. Well wrap your self around the glorious mid-sized ski area, as a red miso honey mayo on sliced Panini bread is calling you. Maple trees do not live here, but they roast the yam, add in a WH2O burger sauce, and then ski like a tzatziki wrapped pita.

This delicious  menu of food lives in powder snow that is white, comes from water, and resides in an area called the Powder Highway, those two lane roads found in the interior of British Columbia. WhiterWater Ski Area, has no lodge, no, fancy access road, older double chairs, and a lodge that has a simple cafeteria feel. Be fooled not here, or you might faceplant like a peppercorn demi-glace caramelized onion, as the dining experience ranks with all of the big ski areas and the big reputation of their dining experience.

Care not for the food, so go and hit the slopes of WhiteWater, watch out for the rad extreme skiers, bouncing from mogul tops to moguls tops, right under your chair. Need to get lost in some trees? It is offered here on this ski slope menu. Backcountry? Watch out, an avy might have you for dinner, as WhiteWater does get that powder, heaps and heaps, like the miso mushroom gravy that could be served as a soup. Three years had gone by since MauiSkiBus visited a here and of course all that remembered thought that only a year had passed. Even so, a MauiSkiBus sticker still lives in the lounge on a snowboard that hangs on the wall.

ba ba ba lu lu lu yo ga

Hypnotic. Mesmerising. Enchanting. A solution to violent behaviour. This has been found, found far, far away, under a mackenzie, near an area that stokes so many, as rebels would lay down their arms, and then open their arms. MauiSkiBus felt this this, had no need to lay down arms, but did open up the arms. Sounds emitted from this gracious voice would hypnotize the violent, should be sent by loudspeaker, as the arms would be laid to rest.

A yoga instructor does as the name states, instruct yoga. A voice must be used and MauiSkiBus found the voice to soothe all of the so called tough violent souls on planet Earth. This solution is simple. Just make them listen to the voice of Sheri, a Balu Yoga co-owner in Revelstoke, British Columbia. Done. No more violence, arms would be laid done, and their own arms would be opened to an additional benefit of yoga. Balu’s other co-owner, Noelle,  has the determined look to make this happen. Simple solution to no more violence.

MauiSkiBus is not a powder ski bum, is just a tropical ski bum that loves the ski life and spending a day on the mountain. Revelstoke Ski Resort was able to give MauiSkiBus some moguls, those at times hated rolling bumps that are formed by skier’s turns. Yes, it is hell on the joints, especially the knees. Miss sweet Sheri came up with what she calls “the Hawaiian Splits” just for MauiSkiBus. Not really a traditional split, more of a torture chamber twist, and with that smooth hypnotic voice, MauiSkiBus was under her verbal command. If she can remove the soreness from a day of mogul skiing that fast, she could remove the violence from those souls that carry it.

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Rebel has a new attitude, so stoked!

Attitude. The longer one desires to ski, the more one realizes the impact of attitude is on skiing.  Attitude,  is more important than facts. It is more important than the past snow reports, than the future reports, than money not made, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what has been said or not offered in the past. It is more important than appearance, vertical, or slopes. It will make or break a company, a career, or a community. The remarkable thing is a rebel has a choice every day regarding the attitude embraced for that day. The past cannot be changed… nothing can change the fact that snow gods will act in a certain way.  The only thing a rebel can do is play on the one string it has and that is attitude. A rebel was convinced that skiing is 10% of what happens and 90% reaction.  And so it is with a rebel…a new attitude has everyone stoked.

The MOST VERTICAL abled to be skied at any one resort in North America is now part of MauiSkiBus. A rebel no more, a changing of the marketing guards, and Revelstoke Mountain Resort has a new tropical attitude. The change rates an A+ by MauiSkiBus, not a compliment, but a real honor of attitude is sent Liz, Revelstoke’s new media goddess. Not only does MauiSkiBus feel the attitude change, so did the head ski patrollers, the rockin’ après ski lounge manager, and even down in Revey town. Having over 5,600 feet of VERTICAL, such a dizzy amount, is just a tease here at Revelstoke. The new attitude was felt all over, as MauiSkiBus was constantly waved at, smiled at, and photographed so often.

Feeling ho hum about that VERTICAL. Hop on a Revey kitty cat and get a new attitude with some cat skiing. Not up to playing in kitty litter? 500,000 awaits you, that is in acres to heli-ski in. How is that for your ski attitude? Once legs taste some of that, you will be hard pressed to tackle that VERTICAL, so remember, it is not the snow, not the lines, not the bed, and any aching head. Revey’s attitude can offer an easy going feel, just cruising along, maybe some long lasting lines, satisfy a bad ass skier that wants a challenge, you gotta earn your turns, of course, steep and deep, and then, just go and explore. It is your attitude that you have complete control of. Revelstoke’s attitude has been refined and offers fine ski lines of VERTICAL happiness to share. Revelstoke will be missed by MauiSkiBus, as a delightful day was had here. No ski attitude problem for this tropical ski bum!

Well, yoga is a business that must winds

This Lotus is Twice Golden

Soldier, firefighter, pilot, police, medical field worker, parents. What do they all have in common that is very high? Stress. How do many relieve stress? The wrong way, such as alcohol, drugs, violence, re-hab and therapists. The last two are more of “I am at my wit’s end” solution. Then there is the expense, potential embarrassment, and really not the right answer. This is the game of life. Its twists and turns, working within the human being, creating unwanted dark energy.  Rise and bloom above your murkiness, achieving the golden light. Purify your spirit, which is settled into murkiness, rise above your stress and darkness, bloom as the lotus blooms.

The lotus flower thrives in dirty, murky waters, and blooms into colors of the rainbow, evolve into the highest lotus form, the golden lotus, the highest level of enlightenment. How does the golden lotus become twice golden? Reside next to Kicking Horse river the in the ski town of Golden, British Columbia. Golden Lotus Ayurveda, with deck views of the White Tooth Range, would impress the distant Dali Lama, however a Dalia Yanai does reside here. Add into the mix a marvelous Melissa, instructor on this day MauiSkiBus visited, of two lotus enlightened souls, murkiness was no where to be found.

Golden, British Columbia offers world class extreme ski terrain in Kicking Horse, a mountain that is just over there, however has a tiny village feel of 4,000 or so residents. Golden Lotus yoga is an added attraction to Golden, whether one travels here for the steeps, the river rapids, or the stunning views, that surround on all sides. White teeth shine here, as smiles will be had post a Golden Lotus yoga class at the WhiteTooth Bistro, maybe even a stay at the Dreamcatcher, to secure enlightenment. Ski a Kicking Horse, stretch with a Golden Lotus, smile brightly at WhiteTooth, and dream away at a Dreamcatcher. A sure remedy for murkiness to be gone, no need for that expense of a therapist.

One lady lotus

One tropical ski bud