the core of cortez’s heart loves yoga

Stress, it builds, destroys, cracks a soul, even cracks metal in the suspension of a bridge. From one point directed to another, many relieve their own stress by sending it to others. This is the human emotional bridge, passing energy from one to another, not always the desirable type of emotion wanted. Bundle the stress and unwanted energy into a ball, allow it to get tighter, weaving frustrated lines intertwined together, ready to be flung away. Pull back on the bands, steady, release with no target in sight, and just like that, the stress is gone, dissipated into the depths of space.

The old cliché, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”, should be brought back into society. Just let that form of human energy dissipate before it enters your core, not allowing those unwanted emotions to hurt your heart. In the center of Cortez, there is a vortex feline, named Jill, that shall assist you to send it away, to fling stress stuff in her slingshot, ready, set, release. In the center of Cortez, Colorado, a destination more famous for its ancient Indian ruins, is Heart and Core Yoga.

Yoga has made the mainstream, being found in any metro area all over the world. Cortez is far removed from a metro feel, rather being in an area of vortexes left and right. A wide open area that posses a feel of far reaching distances, an area so vast, stress can easily dissipate. This double entry studio doubles as a art gallery feel, as Jill prides herself in the displays of numerous styles of artwork. Yoga has come from a centuries old past, to Cortez, a destination with it’s own centuries old past. Double dip here, see two bits of past history, closings eyes at Heart and Core Yoga will reveal one and then venture into the vortexes of America’s southwest desert’s past to see the other.

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