Einstein’s Imagination endorses Gravity Yoga

More and more is being found out about quantum physics, the relationship between matter and motion. All matter is constantly in motion and all matter on Earth has gravity as a force field. A spine is simply a strong boney spring that holds together the human skeleton, compressing when walking or doing most forms of lifting and exercise. Rarely does the human spine de-compress, as gravity is usually forbidding it to. Not so in the life of a tropical ski bum bat.

In the early 1980′s, inversion boots were introduced and a serious scoliosis twisted spine of a twenty year old future tropical ski bum, found out what hanging around really meant. Upside down was added as a way of life, adding spinal de-compression into a permanent lifestyle. MauiSkiBus is equipped inside with a chin up bar that also works as a bar for gravity boots. If Einstein was to do mathematical quantum physics upside down with all that added blood to his already advanced brain, what would have he been able to add to his discoveries? Just place your imagination in his mind, as MauiSkiBus did the same at Imagination Place, Anti-Gravity Yoga, Salt Lake City.

Doing all forms of traditional yoga on a mat creates a plane to work off of, however doing yoga hanging in various inverted positions, creates a 3D plane. This form of yoga will become more popular, as the ability to move your body with ease, will create a better flow in the end. The technique at first may seem a bit different, as very few forms of any exercise or sport puts your body upside down in an easy manner. MauiSkiBus really embraces this, as doing inverted exercises has been a common practice for over 30 years. So go hang, get comfortable with this, do some stretching, and let your imagination flow free with inverted yoga.

Two female bats

One tropical male bat.



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