Leave the crowd, go solo dude

Standing in a lift line when the snow conditions are perfect is not what will make a great day of skiing. Being able to get those first tracks, to find a secret stash of clean untracked powder is in the forefront of any skier/snowboarder’s mind. Skiing solo, or single, helps to get you on the lift faster, as on a powder day it is fine to leave your buddies behind, even gambling, leaving your girlfriend/wife behind. Sleeping on the sofa that night might reveal a snow pow smile, re-living all of those perfect turns. Being solo in a multitude of skiers/snowboarders on a powder day is the right mind set.

Salt Lake City has a lake, duh, a salt lake, which evaporates  moisture in winter, delivering powder snow to the nearby Wasatch Range. Legendary dry, very serious avalanche baby powder, and skiing solo when it dumps feet here is the way to go. Solitude Mountain, an easy beautiful drive from anywhere in the Salt Lake City area, is a ski destination that will deliver face shots upon face shots of perfect powder. MauiSkiBus had visited this fine medium sized resort before, and now a deer will enhance this property, as in Deer Valley, which recently annexed Solitude.

A quick call to the Ryan marketing marvel at Deer Valley and sensational Sara from Solitude sent a quick message to MauiSkiBus to “come on down”, really a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Photos were to be taken with parking lot attendants, rental gear agents, and Solitudes’ famous ”FOG”, groupies that love this place, meeting twice a week to add a bit of nostalgia. MauiSkiBus hosted this eclectic group, making sure that this day at Solitude was not really solo. A fair warning or advice to all; when that magic snow filters into this canyon, dumping flakes upon flakes of super light powder, go ski solo at Solitude.

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