Well, yoga is a business that must winds

This Lotus is Twice Golden

Soldier, firefighter, pilot, police, medical field worker, parents. What do they all have in common that is very high? Stress. How do many relieve stress? The wrong way, such as alcohol, drugs, violence, re-hab and therapists. The last two are more of “I am at my wit’s end” solution. Then there is the expense, potential embarrassment, and really not the right answer. This is the game of life. Its twists and turns, working within the human being, creating unwanted dark energy.  Rise and bloom above your murkiness, achieving the golden light. Purify your spirit, which is settled into murkiness, rise above your stress and darkness, bloom as the lotus blooms.

The lotus flower thrives in dirty, murky waters, and blooms into colors of the rainbow, evolve into the highest lotus form, the golden lotus, the highest level of enlightenment. How does the golden lotus become twice golden? Reside next to Kicking Horse river the in the ski town of Golden, British Columbia. Golden Lotus Ayurveda, with deck views of the White Tooth Range, would impress the distant Dali Lama, however a Dalia Yanai does reside here. Add into the mix a marvelous Melissa, instructor on this day MauiSkiBus visited, of two lotus enlightened souls, murkiness was no where to be found.

Golden, British Columbia offers world class extreme ski terrain in Kicking Horse, a mountain that is just over there, however has a tiny village feel of 4,000 or so residents. Golden Lotus yoga is an added attraction to Golden, whether one travels here for the steeps, the river rapids, or the stunning views, that surround on all sides. White teeth shine here, as smiles will be had post a Golden Lotus yoga class at the WhiteTooth Bistro, maybe even a stay at the Dreamcatcher, to secure enlightenment. Ski a Kicking Horse, stretch with a Golden Lotus, smile brightly at WhiteTooth, and dream away at a Dreamcatcher. A sure remedy for murkiness to be gone, no need for that expense of a therapist.

One lady lotus

One tropical ski bud



Kicking Bear and the Golden Horse

What can be scary, weighs around 700 plus pounds, and lives at a ski resort? Give up? Boo. Not Boo Who? Just Boo. The golden horse knows this, as sensitive nostrils smell Boo, driving the horse of golden to kick. Step away, step away from that fence, beware, as the bare backed horse has done. Wanna jump off the gondola? Not around here, as Boo gonna get ya, Boo gonna chase you down, Boo gonna run as fast as the golden horse that kicks.

Many ski resorts make gold in the winter months, make more gold when the powder falls fast from the heavens. This ski resort doesn’t rely on just one form of gold, as the town of Golden is at the base of the White Tooth Range. Churning thighs dip into chutes high above, kicking turns of soft powder away, as the churning and kicking river of the horse, roams the valley below. Kicking Horse, Golden, British Columbia, knows that answer to the question, as Boo is the answer.

Grizzly bears, those cute and furry animals with a temper. All trail horses fear grizzlys and so does the Kicking Horse, as Boo, the resident grizzly bear lives at the ski resort, under the gondola, possibly ready to show himself. Venture here in deep winter, a sleep for sure is to be had, come and enjoy some spring skiing, Boo may be up. As the gondola passes by, all eyes look down, however beware, in the distance, far, far away from Boo, is the forever steeps of Kicking Horse. Ridge after ridge, easy to hide from the next avid skier, awaits, 4,000 feet up from the start of your ascent. Kick some turns, bear the pain, no horsing around up here, as skiing Kicking Horse will make you feel golden down at the base.

Kim mines for Burley

Trains are common in Europe for transportation for millions, trains stations in some countries live far in the past, others seem to predict the future. The USA uses trains more to haul manufactured goods, not human cargo. Both sides of the Atlantic, tracks mainly are above ground, at times, tunneling through mountains, rather traversing passes. What about an underground train, one with a lifetime value of $20 billion? Europe, nor the USA holds claim to this. But Kim did, as she mined, a burley job for any, especially underground.

In an area of British Columbia, not know really by many, had a watchful eye, a photographic eye maybe better stated, by a company that is declining like so many of the former mining companies that now have famous ski areas. Kodak, yes the Kodak, knew Kimberley, BC, buying all of silver mined under the now ski are named Kimberley Alpine Resort. Trains were the most efficient way to transport silver ore from underground and Kimberley still offers train rides and a modern feel of the old mining days.

This so friendly ski destination remembered MauiSkiBus, with most thinking that time had passed by just one year since the visit in 2012. Marketing Magic Meegan was well over the top, greeting MauiSkiBus with a huge smile, introducing all to the tropical ski bum, and spending time on the slopes of Kimberley. Pride runs rampant on the slopes of Kimberley, none more proud than 80 plus year old famous Mono Ski Bill, an inspiration to all complaining couch potatoes that skiing is too hard, too cold, too whatever. Adding to this eclectic mix, Racer Rob set MauiSkiBus up with the VIP of VIP parking spots, right in the plaza of vibrant energy at Kimberely. So many smiles were seen, maybe as many smiles as in a train station when it arrives on time!

Yoga Poses at Jewel’s Mountain

Yoga moves your soul, yoga moves your heart, yoga moves your arms and legs, and the art of yoga is moving. Can you follow it? Really, yoga studios, with an array of different styles, are on the move. Remember Y2K? What were doing? Really, try to remember. In the year 2000, the yoga industry generated less than a billion dollars in revenue, now it is approaching  twelve billion, with over 100 million worldwide practicing, 20 million in the US alone. Even a small former mining town in central British Columbia has a gem of a studio, softly ruled by a jewel.

In the mountains, the Kootenai Mountains of central British Columbia, lives a gem, a gem of a yoga feline, one that is a mover, one that makes opportunity attracted to her, one that moves, maybe in the form of acroyoga, who lives in Kimberley, but is not named the same. Mountain Pose Yoga, in the former mining, now ski town of Kimberley, BC, is owned by Jewels, vivacious in energy, dancing in form, and ready to whip up a smile. The rather small community has a gem in the form of a jewel and a gem in the form of a yoga studio in the heart of town, one that even the local constable likes. MauiSkiBus parked in front of Mountain Pose, in a bit of an illegal spot, while Jewels and her precious daughter Lily, used the dance floor as their yoga platform.

In a small community where everyone seems to know your name, the brightly colored MauiSkiBus turned many heads, however those heads are already flexible, having turned many times, by the energy output from the jewel of Kimberley. Additions to yoga studios have been seen by MauiSkiBus during its 2015 travels and Mountain Pose now offers acupuncture with an Alyssa to administer. Settle in here for a bit of the fast growing acroyoga, some acupuncture,  or a bit of the delightful feeling that the Kimberley gem emits. Mountain Pose even adds a day to the conventional month to make 31! Movin’ and a grovin’ at Mountain Pose.

Seven Female Gems

One Male Stone



Evolution has created yoga

Imagine this. You are a young energy, living in an old time, from this time, you have evolved, however at your time, forward thought was not on your mind. You look out, using your eyes to view, even sounds of then can not be heard now. Smells wander your way, scents of past animals, long gone now. Deep breathes, soft stretches, holding silent energy, still as a statue, standing on a ridge, taking in all that is there, waiting for the moment to pounce, not even knowing that you have started some of the basics of yoga. Your era is prehistoric man, you started what your body desires, not even thinking what would occur in now modern times, the era of a tropical ski bum.

Where and when did the art form of yoga actually start? Who cares, as it now as evolved into an accepted part of modern society, especially in and around the ski resorts. Most studios that MauiSkiBus has visited in the 2015 season have expanded, community recreations offer yoga, and traditional health clubs have added a variety of yoga styles. Along the famous British Columbia’s powder highway, is the avid athletic community of Fernie. Post a fantastic ski at the same named Fernie Ski Resort, is the hopping Evolution Fitness Center, offering an array of health club amenities. Of course, yoga lives here, with a variety of classes that maybe once had some distance roots connected with that same pre-historic cave man.

So the future will evolve, this era will be looked back on, and our now modern times will be the past. A very forward thinking Melanie, instructor with many visions has plans in place to take yoga to a different level. Evolution Heath Center and the yoga that is offered in Fernie, overseen by a very thoughtful Dee, means fit business, as the lobby has fit Fernians coming and going. From a time that a man, long ago, doing on his natural own, what millions now practice on purpose, yoga then is not the yoga of now. Evolution, taking yoga higher, opening the creativity, and the numbers do not lie, the results are proven. Yoga from the pre-historic man has evolved to benefit the modern man.

Six Young Ladies

Seven Neanderthals



Fern HAs Giant Ski Poles

Global warming. Controversial words. Maybe. Does the human use of fossil fuels on planet Earth contribute to global warming? Yes, well no, but still yes. Just the act of writing or reading this post contributes. The electric to warm a room, to run a computer, lights, to make the computer, to harvest wood for a home, gas and diesel to runs autos, even the chair lifts at a ski resort, and the list goes on and on. Yes, modern day human luxuries and necessities all in some way contribute to global pollution, hence more pollutants to harm the worlds weather patterns.

On the Big Island of Hawaii, is the most active volcano in the world, Kiluaea. For over 30 years, Kiluaea has been producing what is called vog, similar to smog, but not man made. This output of vog is toxic, equaling nearly 1,000 coal burning power plants that are man made and produce pollutants. One giant volcano eruption can blanket the Earth high stratosphere, which has happened before.

Giant amounts of snow are what all skiers and snowboarders want to see forecasted. The province of British Columbia has a stretch of inter-connecting two lane roads called the “powder highway”. Once the winter Pacific storms hit the west coast of British Columbia, this inland area receives heaps and heaps of snow. One ski destination of the Resort of the Canadian Rockies has steep avalanche prone peaks that capture this winter snow, creating a ski location worthy of giant amounts of snow, so giant, that Fern has ski poles stashed in the parking lot, the size of poles only worthy of a giant.

Fernie, British Columbia, is a legend in skiing in this part of BC. So much so, that in the parking lot, giant ski poles lay, awaiting any that can pick up. Yes, there is a giant that skis Fernie at night, getting the first tracks, and yes, there really are giant ski poles in the parking lot. The ski patrol at Fernie, because the giant amounts of snow, are constantly at work to prevent avalanches. Want to come and play in some giant amounts of snow? Make sure that you bring avy gear and your own poles.

When MauiSkiBus arrived here, the staff at Fernie had a warm welcome, maybe a bit too warm this winter, as the powder highway had been experiencing a bit of the “pineapple express’, a warm flow of moisture that originates in Hawaii. Enough moisture, too much warmth, leaving a difficult snow year. Even the “Giant of Fernie” had his own frustration during the ski winter of 2015.  No worries, as another winter will arrive, and the echoes of the giant planting those poles, getting first powder tracks, will happen again at Fernie, British Columbia.

Patroller Scot and a Hot Mandala

MauiSkiBus, the name alone is confusing, however attracts many questions. Add in bright yellow color, a dance floor on the roof that hides the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang wings, “Powered by Pineapple Juice” on the tailgate, and Hawaii license plates. Everywhere that MauiSkiBus goes, attraction happens. Even in a ski patrol hut at the top of any ski mountain, where MauiSkiBus tries to make it a habit to do a quick visit, delivering tropical playing cards, and answering questions. At one northern Montana resort, Whitefish, MauiSkiBus was explaining the 2015 adventure to ski 50 resorts and visit 50 yoga studios, and a bit of a camera shy patroller asked if MauiSkiBus had visited his friends studio. A response of “no” was given and 45 minutes later, Sir Ski Patroller Scot had set MauiSkiBus up with a class in Whitefish, Montana.

Arlisa, an on it Mandala Montana owner, did a pre-class call to MauiSkiBus and sweat was about to be had. Nathalie made sure of that, overseeing fire hot poses, challenging all to partake. Beads of clean sweat glistened off of bodies, a yoga style not embraced as much as hot yoga should be. With all human bodies, liquid is 75% of content. MauiSkiBus encourages hot yoga, a hot sauna, too sweat out toxins. Once at a comfortable level in a hot yoga class, a new healthy addiction will overcome your body. All that embrace hot yoga will agree, all that attend yoga may not agree.

Mandala Montana, attracts attendees to this class, from nearby Whitefish and Kalispell, however some are willing to drive an hour. MauiSkiBus would do a detour to see this studio again, with a lobby more suited for a boutique hotel, than most visited yoga studios during the 2015 adventure. Fear not, as Manadala Montana offers many other yoga class styles, so no fear the sweat that MauiSkiBus embraces. This is more than a place for yoga, as Mandala Montana really is a center for mindful living. This is another example of a yoga studio not just being a yoga studio, as success is felt here by all that attend. Thanks Sir Ski Patroller Scot!

17 fire hot ladies

7 steaming dudes




I Am with an I An at Whitefish

Big ski resorts, little ski areas, sitting on chair, standing in a tram, or hiking to the top of a ski hill/mountain, MauiSkiBus has done all of these. During the 2012 adventure, on a very brisk Feb. 14th day of valetines, with two dogs, MauiSkiBus hiked up a very small local hill in Ketchum, Idaho, more known for Sun Valley than Roto Run. At the summit, well peak, ok, more the knoll of the hill, another sole dude was doing the same. Little did MauiSkiBus know that I am with I AN would take place three years later.

This is a true statement, however, many will not agree. The weather is always perfect. It is up to us on how we deal with whatever the weather is. “How’s the weather?”, is one of the most common questions or topics of discussion. Don’t like the weather? Just wait. It will change. Bad weather, it is going to rain, cloudy days seem to make a depressing attitude.

Rain had delayed a scheduled visit to Whitefish Ski Resort in northern Montana by two days and thank fully so. Upon exiting the Whitefish marketing office of Lady Riley, a man in a yellow Whitefish jacket was taking videos of MauiSkiBus. Not so strange, but what was unique was the comment, “I skied with you and your dogs at Roto Run near Sun Valley”. Ian Griffith, three years later, was the social media editor for Whitefish and ended up skiing with MauiSkiBus again, posting an interview and vides on their website.

Whitefish Ski Resort offers all that one would want. Deer at the entrance, Franklin went crazy. A view of Whitefish Lake. Double Black chutes. Backcountry access. Summer activities. Terrain parks. Lodging at various area. The cute quaint town of Whitefish. Brewpubs. Snowmobile riding. Easy access to Glacier National Park. More and more, here in the hidden north woods of Montana, where MauiSkiBus ended up being I am with Ian.

Kali Spelled in the Yoga Room

An intense yoga class will be too much for some and MauiSkiBus has visited studios that offered intense to simple. This particular class was designed for anyone of any age, of any athletic ability, of any attitude to attend. Sweet Julia of The Yoga Room of Montana in Kalispell, has the patience of a bright fit gem, sharing her vast knowledge of the practice of Iyengar Yoga, on rainy Monday morning. Grey clouds loomed overhead, however the glow of yellow, beamed into the many windowed studio, as MauiSkiBus was parked right outside.

Props were used in this class, straps, blocks, soft padded lifters, blankets, and a folding chair. A simple folding chair, one that is seen in maybe a bingo hall, was used in poses that each soft yogi used to their own ability. No need to strain too hard, as Julia made sure to explain in detail for all. No sweat needed in this class, save that for an intense class.

The Yoga Room of Montana is situated in downtown Kalispell, well as much of a downtown that can be in this part of Montana. Feel that you are not fit? Maybe embarrassed to not be able to do those poses? Not at this class. Or maybe a simple class is too easy. So venture here and take an advanced class or even more so, the adjacent mixed martial arts studio right next door. Perfect goal for the beginner at The Yoga Room of Montana.

9 Ladies

1 Maui dude