Mission for 2012 and 2015


Maui Ski Bus’s overall mission is to set an example and inspire our nations youth to be active and eat a healthy lifestyle. Appoximately 30% of our nations youth are obese or have health issues.

The Maui Untied Way and Livestrong Cancer Foundation are fianancial beneficiaries of Maui Ski Bus. 20% of any monies generated will be split by these two charities.

Franklin, the World’s Strongest Dachshund mix, will play soccer with children and Gykaiya, the Mumu dressed black Lab mix, will have tug-o-war contests with children. As we travel to 100 different resorts in the western USA/Canada, children will have a delight in these games, with two dogs from Maui.


MauiSkiBus was successful in its quest to ski 100 different western USA/Canada Nordic/alpine ski resorts, in fact the actual number was 104!

So now it is onto MauiSkiBus2. Beaver Creek was #1, Vail is on it’s way to #2, and then more to come. 50 resorts are planned this adventure, however 50 different yoga studios are planned. Why yoga? Stretching is a must for any sport, especially sports that people do not do often, such as skiing. So get flexible, relaxed, and go ski/snowboard hard!

MauiSkiBus is promoting “T.O.P.”, which stands for “Take One Piece”. Anytime anyone goes anywhere, they “Take One Piece” of litter and dispose of properly. If everyone just was to “Take One Piece” of litter, this would make a huge impact on litter. Recycling is fantastic, now MauiSkiBus promotes “Take One Piece”, T.O.P.