Maui Ski Bus.com overall mission is to set an example and inspire our nations youth to be active and eat a healthy lifestyle. Appoximately 30% of our nations youth are obese or have health issues.

The Maui Untied Way and Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Cancer Foundation are fianancial beneficiaries of Maui Ski Bus.com. 20% of any monies generated¬†will be split by these two charities.

Franklin, the World’s Strongest Dachshund mix, will play soccer with children and Gykaiya, the Mumu dressed¬†black Lab mix, will have tug-o-war contests. As we travel to 100 different resorts in the western USA/Canada, children will have a delight in these games, with two dogs from Maui.

MauiSkiBus was successful in its quest to ski 100 different western USA/Canada Nordic/alpine ski resorts, in fact the actual number was 104!

So now it is onto MauiSkiBus2. Beaver Creek was #1, Vail is on its way to #2, and then more to come. 50 resorts are planned this adventure, however 100 different yoga studios are planned. Why yoga? Stretching is a must for any sport, especially sports that people do not do often, such as skiing. So get flexible, relaxed, and go ski/snowboard hard!