Rebel has a new attitude, so stoked!

Attitude. The longer one desires to ski, the more one realizes the impact of attitude is on skiing.  Attitude,  is more important than facts. It is more important than the past snow reports, than the future reports, than money not made, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what has been said or not offered in the past. It is more important than appearance, vertical, or slopes. It will make or break a company, a career, or a community. The remarkable thing is a rebel has a choice every day regarding the attitude embraced for that day. The past cannot be changed… nothing can change the fact that snow gods will act in a certain way.  The only thing a rebel can do is play on the one string it has and that is attitude. A rebel was convinced that skiing is 10% of what happens and 90% reaction.  And so it is with a rebel…a new attitude has everyone stoked.

The MOST VERTICAL abled to be skied at any one resort in North America is now part of MauiSkiBus. A rebel no more, a changing of the marketing guards, and Revelstoke Mountain Resort has a new tropical attitude. The change rates an A+ by MauiSkiBus, not a compliment, but a real honor of attitude is sent Liz, Revelstoke’s new media goddess. Not only does MauiSkiBus feel the attitude change, so did the head ski patrollers, the rockin’ après ski lounge manager, and even down in Revey town. Having over 5,600 feet of VERTICAL, such a dizzy amount, is just a tease here at Revelstoke. The new attitude was felt all over, as MauiSkiBus was constantly waved at, smiled at, and photographed so often.

Feeling ho hum about that VERTICAL. Hop on a Revey kitty cat and get a new attitude with some cat skiing. Not up to playing in kitty litter? 500,000 awaits you, that is in acres to heli-ski in. How is that for your ski attitude? Once legs taste some of that, you will be hard pressed to tackle that VERTICAL, so remember, it is not the snow, not the lines, not the bed, and any aching head. Revey’s attitude can offer an easy going feel, just cruising along, maybe some long lasting lines, satisfy a bad ass skier that wants a challenge, you gotta earn your turns, of course, steep and deep, and then, just go and explore. It is your attitude that you have complete control of. Revelstoke’s attitude has been refined and offers fine ski lines of VERTICAL happiness to share. Revelstoke will be missed by MauiSkiBus, as a delightful day was had here. No ski attitude problem for this tropical ski bum!

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