A city without yoga sinners

As the human body ages, sports and athlectic activities will and do change. Football players end up barely walking. Golfers are chastised with knee and back injuries, due to the constant a-symmetrical swing. Tennis elbow anyone? Marathon runners end up with stress factors. Cycling mainly uses the lower body, leaving an unbalanced physique. Like swimming? Better on the joints, however all that chlorine is toxic. OK, Crossfit? Doctors love the added injuries to their business. Surfers do great, when there is surf. Watch out for skin cancer. Excessive couch surfing is a sin to a human torso. A love penance for your body, soul, mind and anti-aging can be found in your garage.

Move out the cars, paint and decorate the walls, add in a bamboo wood floor, and your studio for life is made. MauiSkiBus can now add yoga not for sinners, in a converted garage to the list of 50 yoga studios attempted to visit in the 2015 adventure. Sin City Yoga, Las Vegas, proud to be nicknamed, “Sin City”, offers a yoga destination that MauiSkiBus really enjoyed, as budokanette Crystal, taught out back, in the wonderfully renovated former garage.

All humans, large and small, tall and short, skinny and the obese, can benefit for life with a more flexible fit body. From simple chair yoga to the masterful intense hot yoga, MauiSkiBus has so far visited and done them all. All sports and athletics have a great following, and all that follow and partake in any sport of their choice, can and will benefit from the many different forms of yoga. Sin City Yoga is just off the Downtown Strip of Vegas, offering an array of classes for all to join. Now there needs to be an addition to the garage studio to park MauiSkiBus inside.

Seven innocent ladies

Three forgiven lads




Y om in a yoga sanctuary?

Sounds of chirping birds, mixed in with barking dogs, adding in over 7,000,000,000(billion} souls of different languages and voice tones, maybe toss in a bit of the humming of Mother Earth, spinning on a tilted axis, all combining to sound like? Quatum mechanics and astro-physics delve into the science of all that exist from the Big Bang until this moment, with a soft prediction of things to come. Stepping into this world of science and adding in the present day combined sounds of the Earth, what in the far reaches of the Universe does Earth sound like? A sanctuary will share this, as a sound here replicates the voice of the Earth.

The scientific community has huge radio telescopes listening to the farthest reaches of outer space for sounds that come from the distant past. If those same radio telescopes were located in the far reaches of outer space, directed at Earth, what sound would be heard? OM, the primordial sound vibration emitted from yoga studios worldwide, even in a city more know for slotting ching ching. Four directions of Earth and four levels of consciousness all contribute to OM, and a yoga sanctuary located in the city of neon lights offers two directions to chant OM, east for the rising sun, and west for the sun to set.

Yoga Sanctuary of Las Vegas, carefully overseen by a yogi goddess to the stars, Sherry Goldstein, welcomed MauiSkiBus. West towards the setting sun, was the location for this cosmic visit, as a high vibrating “Can you feel it”, Celine was the yoga class opera maestroess. At times, she was overseeing her universe of yogis from her perch and at other times, she would silently prance around, finely adjusting postures and forms. Preciseness was apparent here, seemingly with grace, putting human atoms into perfect form. Post class, a happy group posed closer to the heavens, sharing many higher vibrations of sound, on top of MauiSkiBus. Can you hear their pleasure and excitement?

Eleven Female Atoms

One Male Molecule




hotties hit 103 on the yoga meter

Ok, so multiple times, MauiSkiBus has received comments that the reason to attend yoga classes during the 2015 ski/yoga season is because of all the hotties. Butt, that is correct, sort of. It would be way too shallow of a healthy mindset of proper thoughts for that to be the reason. Maybe a benefit, butt not the reason, as ladies that can handle 103 degrees of heat, deserve respect, not a gawking tropical ski bum or any male dis-respectful  energy. Wanna butt some heads with the naysayers, hit a real hot yoga class, as it will kicka your butt into fine form?

The art of yoga is just that, an art form with the human body and mind. It is more than an exercise, not competitive in nature, and not something to flaunt. Las Vegas in well known for gambling, late night shows, and a bit of an edgy party atmosphere. It is also well known for major boxing events and MauiSkiBus just happened to be in Sin City for one of the biggest fights ever, MoneyMan Mayweather and PacMan Pacquiao. Yes, these two dudes are known to be fit, maybe both should receive an invite to really see how fit, with a class at 103 Hot Yoga , Las Vegas. Hotties galore practice here and both fighters might find proper concentration difficult, butt Miss Josie, would do some butt kicking on these two, to make sure all poses are proper. Post class sweaty smiles will be greeted by the flower of grace, Miss Roze Anne.

The human body is over 75% liquid and a proper liquid alkalinity is one of the most important components for proper health. Very few individuals that MauiSkiBus has encountered are aware of this importance, that all water not is not equal, that a high PH liquid body has enhanced health benefits. At this point in time, with over 44 different yoga studios visited, only one has a high PH water for its guests. 103 Hot Yoga, Las Vegas, Nevada, more known for “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’, has a studio to mimic a nightclub feel, high alkaline H2O to consume, and a hot yoga to challenge Sir Mayweather/Pacquiao. They may want to kick each others butt, 103 Hot Yoga will surely kick their butts equally.

20 fine female butts

1 tropical ski bum butt




man, a month of 200 inches

Snow report; November, 2010, over 200 inches of snow fell, at a famous elephant relative of a ski resort and MauiSkiBus was stuck. Stuck on a tropical island named Maui. A tropical ski bum in the making was frustrated that this amount of snow was falling and not a bit of it could be enjoyed from the distant shores of Maui. Man, a month of 200 inches, a dream for any ski/snowboard bum. Even the distant relative of the elephant need a trunk to breath with, as the snow was too deep to breathe through nostrils.

Got Snow? Yes, this place usually gets vast quantities of snow, but a cycle of weather has not given Mammoth anywhere near that amount of snow since the winter of 2010/2011. In fact, the whole winter season since, has barley edged past the total snowfall of that November 2010. MauiSkiBus was able to finish the 2015 ski season at this famous resort in a blizzard in late April, giving thighs a last chance to hit the slopes with burning turns of fresh powder. A blizzard furnishes wind to fill in skiers/snowboarders tracks, presenting nearly new fresh turns on every run. Screams of delight are emitted by nearly all on the mountain, a bit similar to an elephants bugle. Mammoth Mountain offered a tasty finish of skiing for MauiSkiBus2, 2015 winter adventure.


creeky edges are hidden in the snow

Ski resorts that usually receive heaps of snow need guides to share with all where the road is, where the sidewalks directs, and most importantly, snowplow drivers to clear snow away properly. Varies types of poles are placed along roads, sidewalks, and intersections to outline the edges. When the snow melts, or  too many years of low snowfall, these poles seem a bit out of place, rising above barren ground. Staying within these snow guide poles, ultimately will lead one to one choice to partake in a yoga facility.

Mammoth Ski Resort in Mammoth Lakes, California attracts over a million skiers per year, making it the third most visited ski resort in the USA. One would guess that there would be an array of yoga studios to chose from, quite the contrary, as the only one is hidden along a creek, in this ski town known for the huge quantities of snow that often accumulates here. Hence the reason for those snow guide poles that can be found all over this charming town. Snow Creek Athletic Club offers yoga under the direction of Karrie, an avid athletic lady, and the actual class was taught by Scott, an unassuming teacher to speak with, however once that class starts, his knowledge emerges of various different yoga poses.

An added benefit to attending a yoga class at Snow Creek, is the use of the facilities provided within, as this is the place where the local residents of Mammoth Lakes come for an array of different offerings. Need a massage or some spa time? It is here. Spinning cycles? Check. An assortment of weights? Of course. Jacuzzi? Why, his and hers, and co-ed. Lap pool? Covered. Need a bite to eat pre or post work out? A fine bistro. Got Kids? Got playroom. Need more? More is offered. MauiSkiBus really enjoyed this fine facility, now a second one needs to be opened , Snow Creek Athletic Club Maui.

7 ladies

4 men




shanti, sierra called for yoga

During the 2015 ski/yoga adventure season, MauiSkiBus actually spends hours and hours contacting marketing managers at ski resorts and introduces this adventure to yoga studios. The means for an introduction to the yoga studios, it is either an e-mail with photos or a personal phone message. Yes, a personal phone message, in the non-personal texting age. Really, what is the big deal on texting? A message is OK, however a conversation is ridiculous by text. Overall, MauiSkiBus rates the sum of all the yoga studios a C as far as return messages after being contacted. This is actually sad from an industry that prides itself on smiles and a healthy atmosphere. It is understood by MauiSkiBus that an e-mail can be directed into a spam folder, however a personal message is recorded. Many studios receive multiple contacts and many of those have done zero responses. Not Shanti, she called Sierra and invited MauiSkiBus to visit.

Not in the priest, but in a bishop, lies Sierra Shanti, with a highly happy energetic Kelley to greet with smiles that should be cloned. MauiSkiBus was running late, as the phone for an invitation to visit was received in Moab, a solid ten hour drive away to Bishop, California. Upon arrival to this delightful studio, Miss Kelley already had a yoga mat reserved for MauiSkiBus, as the class had just started. And what a class this sappy happy lass of an instructor orchestrated.

Post class, a majority of the class itself hung around and did multiple poses, a bit of a flash mob yoga, fronting her studio,  in the heart of Bishop. Onlookers were delighted with postures of the group upon MauiSkiBus, with Franklin in the middle of the happy group. Not to be left out, Miss Kelley did her own bit of style, with poses of perfection on top of MauiSkiBus. An A+ is sent to Kelley for her high happy energy and the drive of ten hours was totally forgotten, as precious moments in the company of Sierra Shanti Yoga was well worth it.

Kelley instructor

9 ladies

6 men



yoga will mob your abs

Resort towns that are focused around sports are usually confined in some manner by a geographic land mass, an ocean, or a mountain. Expansion in these areas are not as easy as flat plains, deserts, or swamp land. Orlando is basically a swamp, so drain it, and then there is land to build. The desert surrounding Phoenix is somewhat the same, if water can be found. Beach areas have a huge demand, as everyone wants to be on the beach. Mobs of tourists flock to beaches to cool off in hot summer months or to warm up in cold winter months. Most need work on their abs, as six packs can easily be bought, but rarely seen. Get in the yoga mode and abs will appear, bearing six pacs that will be earned.

Skiers and snowboarders have strong legs and riding bikes help to maintain that strength in summer months. Many different mountains ski areas have their favorite places to shred in the winter months, however only one place holds the prestige of the top spot to cycle, especially mountain bike cycling. Mobs of cyclists can be found here, in the desert area of east central Utah, with 12,000 foot mountains casting snow shadows on miles and miles of trails. Moab, a new name in the sporting resort area, lacking any upper class resort feel, has only one real yoga studio, easily named, Moab Yoga, right in the heart of town.

Upon arrival into Moab, MauiSkiBus searched out this studio and found not only one instructor, actually three, somewhat like the three yoga muskateerettes! Angela the owner, Natali an instructor at Moab Yoga, and Tiegan, an instructor from Salt Lake City. Toursits from all over the world come to Moab to cycle and enjoy the varied terrain, also partaking in classes. Whilst cycling legs can take a break, a delightful yoga class can be had here at Moab Yoga. Need a six pac? Head on over to Moab Yoga, as they will be found, minus the hangover.

Angela instructor

9 ladies

5 men



A birdie flys in the snow

the core of cortez’s heart loves yoga

Stress, it builds, destroys, cracks a soul, even cracks metal in the suspension of a bridge. From one point directed to another, many relieve their own stress by sending it to others. This is the human emotional bridge, passing energy from one to another, not always the desirable type of emotion wanted. Bundle the stress and unwanted energy into a ball, allow it to get tighter, weaving frustrated lines intertwined together, ready to be flung away. Pull back on the bands, steady, release with no target in sight, and just like that, the stress is gone, dissipated into the depths of space.

The old cliché, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”, should be brought back into society. Just let that form of human energy dissipate before it enters your core, not allowing those unwanted emotions to hurt your heart. In the center of Cortez, there is a vortex feline, named Jill, that shall assist you to send it away, to fling stress stuff in her slingshot, ready, set, release. In the center of Cortez, Colorado, a destination more famous for its ancient Indian ruins, is Heart and Core Yoga.

Yoga has made the mainstream, being found in any metro area all over the world. Cortez is far removed from a metro feel, rather being in an area of vortexes left and right. A wide open area that posses a feel of far reaching distances, an area so vast, stress can easily dissipate. This double entry studio doubles as a art gallery feel, as Jill prides herself in the displays of numerous styles of artwork. Yoga has come from a centuries old past, to Cortez, a destination with it’s own centuries old past. Double dip here, see two bits of past history, closings eyes at Heart and Core Yoga will reveal one and then venture into the vortexes of America’s southwest desert’s past to see the other.

3 ladies

2 dudes



Do U ran go to Yoga?

Three positions. That is what most adult’s human body are accustomed to. Sitting, standing, and horizontal. Reaching, bending, and twisting are not all that common. Compression happens, extension rarely occurs. As one ages, one decreases, decreases in size, mass, and flexibility. Are we as humans really meant to accept this? Run, run now, to avoid what will surely come, and once you have reversed these age related symptoms, you would have ran to reaching, bending, and twisting.

A cowboy of the past, worked his body to the point, that a cowboy of old, was as stiff as a dried out piece of leather. Touching his cowboy boots, was not a reality, hopping back up on a horse, right, with that overhanging belly? Look at him walk, stiff as stick man figure with a ten gallon hat. If he would have ran in his youth while herding cattle in Durango to yoga, his aged body would have maintained flexibility of his youth. A cowboy, like any athlete, does benefit greatly from continually attendance to a yoga class. Durango, Colorado, has its own yoga studios, organized and maintained by a Mischelle and Cheryl of Yoga Durango.

MauiSkiBus attended a yoga class taught by a vibrant Cheryl, more smiles than words, after a long weekend skiing the nearby extreme ski area of Silverton. Skiers legs and hips were stretched, something the old cowboy could not have done, and a young cowboy would have uttered sounds mimicking a crying cow. Step on over here, while in Durango, you stiff legged cowboy, bring a stretch to those tight joints, as Miss Cheryl will lead you to a western trail of flexibility. When you need to mount your steed, an easy move will be had, as hip joints will be open and loose.

5 cowbells

6 cowboys