TOP Litter

Da Slippa II is a custom built windsurfer that I solo windsurfed from LA to Maui, in 1997 with no escort vessel, with a duration of 47 days. The route of this windsurfing adventure took Da Slippa II through the Pacific Garbage Patch, a huge area in the middle of the North Pacific, where litter swirls around and around with the current.

MauiSkiBus has driven to over 100 different western USA/Canada ski areas, noticing abandon vehicles, rusty old farm equipment, and litter everywhere. We humans are litterbugs, sad but so true. Indian reservations are some of the worst and they lived throughout the west first. Even here in Hawaii, locals born and raised here, often are the worst offenders when it comes to littering the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

Da Slippa II and MauiSkiBus promotes “TOP”, which means “Take One Piece” of litter and dispose of it properly. When walking from your car to a store, work, anywhere, Take One Piece. There is no valid reason that anyone should not be able to Take One Piece of litter everyday and dispose of properly.

One person doing TOP daily, it would be 365 pieces of litter, ten people means it is 3,650, a million people makes the number 365 million pieces of litter removed. Hopefully the idea of TOP will be embraced by individuals, groups, organizations, and corporations.

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