water first while reading the white menu

The atmosphere at a ski resort is usually about the snow conditions, lift lines, where there is still powder three days after a blizzard, but what is often missing, the dining experience. Bigger world known resorts, such as Aspen, Telluride, Vail/Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Deer Valley, Whistler, all have the five star restaurants, some situated at the top of the mountain, adding to the ambiance. Well wrap your self around the glorious mid-sized ski area, as a red miso honey mayo on sliced Panini bread is calling you. Maple trees do not live here, but they roast the yam, add in a WH2O burger sauce, and then ski like a tzatziki wrapped pita.

This delicious  menu of food lives in powder snow that is white, comes from water, and resides in an area called the Powder Highway, those two lane roads found in the interior of British Columbia. WhiterWater Ski Area, has no lodge, no, fancy access road, older double chairs, and a lodge that has a simple cafeteria feel. Be fooled not here, or you might faceplant like a peppercorn demi-glace caramelized onion, as the dining experience ranks with all of the big ski areas and the big reputation of their dining experience.

Care not for the food, so go and hit the slopes of WhiteWater, watch out for the rad extreme skiers, bouncing from mogul tops to moguls tops, right under your chair. Need to get lost in some trees? It is offered here on this ski slope menu. Backcountry? Watch out, an avy might have you for dinner, as WhiteWater does get that powder, heaps and heaps, like the miso mushroom gravy that could be served as a soup. Three years had gone by since MauiSkiBus visited a here and of course all that remembered thought that only a year had passed. Even so, a MauiSkiBus sticker still lives in the lounge on a snowboard that hangs on the wall.

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