Do U ran go to Yoga?

Three positions. That is what most adult’s human body are accustomed to. Sitting, standing, and horizontal. Reaching, bending, and twisting are not all that common. Compression happens, extension rarely occurs. As one ages, one decreases, decreases in size, mass, and flexibility. Are we as humans really meant to accept this? Run, run now, to avoid what will surely come, and once you have reversed these age related symptoms, you would have ran to reaching, bending, and twisting.

A cowboy of the past, worked his body to the point, that a cowboy of old, was as stiff as a dried out piece of leather. Touching his cowboy boots, was not a reality, hopping back up on a horse, right, with that overhanging belly? Look at him walk, stiff as stick man figure with a ten gallon hat. If he would have ran in his youth while herding cattle in Durango to yoga, his aged body would have maintained flexibility of his youth. A cowboy, like any athlete, does benefit greatly from continually attendance to a yoga class. Durango, Colorado, has its own yoga studios, organized and maintained by a Mischelle and Cheryl of Yoga Durango.

MauiSkiBus attended a yoga class taught by a vibrant Cheryl, more smiles than words, after a long weekend skiing the nearby extreme ski area of Silverton. Skiers legs and hips were stretched, something the old cowboy could not have done, and a young cowboy would have uttered sounds mimicking a crying cow. Step on over here, while in Durango, you stiff legged cowboy, bring a stretch to those tight joints, as Miss Cheryl will lead you to a western trail of flexibility. When you need to mount your steed, an easy move will be had, as hip joints will be open and loose.

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