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Corporate Sponsors

Hang Loose Maui Style, Inc. www.toursmaui.com Transpacific Windsurf Crossing

Diamond Head Waikiki Craterfest                                                              Hawaii concerts

Molokai Yoga www.molokai.com/yoga/ Molokai yoga and beach accomodations

West Maui Foreign Car, LLC. 808-667-7500                                            Import car repair specialist

Newton Running Shoes www.newtonrunning.com Scientific Road and trail running shoes



Moffet Maui Properties www.surfingrealty.com Maui/Molokai real estate broker

West Maui Gold and Loan www.datreasurechest.com Unique Maui pawn and furniture store

Bright Images www.brightimages.com Hypnotic/sub-liminal CD’s

Maui Magazine     www.Mauimagazine.org www.Halfoffmaui.com Maui restaraunt/activity guide

Hula Grill and Barefoot Bar  www.hulagrillkaanapali.com Ka’anapali beach restaurant

Monkeypod Kitchen www.monkeypodkitchen.com Wailea restaurant




Individual Sponsors

Donate amount of $25. Maui United Way and the Livestrong Cancer Foundation will each split 20%. Each donator will recieve two Maui Ski Bus.com bumper stickers, have your name and city/state posted in this column, and have your name and city/state displayed on the Maui Ski Bus.com. You can have someone other than yourself listed, if you so desire.

1. Ruby and Jake Hunter  from Maui

2. The Longs from Maui

3. Team Bouthilliers from Maui

4. Joyce and Phil Brondes from Key Largo,FL.

5. Grandma Vivian Fisher/O’Toole  from Temperance, MI. Now Heaven.

6. Steph and James from Jackonsville, FL.

7. Laura and Wade Kleinbart from Brooklin, NY.

8. Amy and Dave Wilkinson from Ventura, CA.

9. Camille and Howie from Maui

10. Margaret and Jim Sanders from Lambertville, MI.

11. Jesse Eagle from Pacific Palisades, CA.

12. Nancy and David Eagle  from Pacific Palisades, CA.

13. “Metal Mike” Guthrie from Maui

14. Troy Guffin from Texas/Maui

15. Ute Finch from Maui

16. Carole and Peter Wasnewski from Scottsdale, AZ.

17. Dawn, Sierra, and Bryce Moon from Irvine, CA.

18. Amy and Ted from Texas/Maui

19. Taylor Pritchett from Dallas, TX.

20. Austin Pritchett from Dallas, TX.

21. ”Mahalo from Maui.com” Maui

22. Benjamin Barreras from Maui

23. Chris “Cycle” Mosk from Maui

24. Jill and Mitch Mandell from Maui/Sedona, AZ.

25. The Gagliardi/Robinson Family from Maui

26. Karen Mc Daniel from Maui

27. Jim Fisher from Pompano Beach

28. Stephanie Sallah from Toledo/Phoenix

29. Anthony Sallah from Toledo/Ann Arbor

30. Sean Fisher/Reilly from Toledo, OH.

31. Jake Fisher/Reilly from Toledo, OH.

32. Ryan Fisher/Reilly from Toledo, OH.

33. Michelle Lamicq from Maui

34. Mick Adroin from Maui/ Newcastle, CA.

35. Rose Heindel from Guilford, CT.

36. Eric Heindel from Palo Alto, CA.

37. Ryan Heindel from Boston, MA.

38. Natalie Heindel from Boston, MA.

39. Heidi Heindel from Boston, MA.

40. Jake Heindel from Pine Mountain, GA.

41.  Sophie Heindel from Pine Mountain, GA.

42. Kathy Jackson from Maui

43. Caitlin Jackson from Maui/ San Fran, CA.

44. David Jackson from Maui/Santa Barabara, CA.

45. Evon and Lew Wood from Murray, UT.

46. Carin Winter/Embrace Yoga, E. Islip, NY.

47. Lena Hill from Boca Raton, FL.

48. Maui Hot Yoga from Kihei, Maui

49. Harry Castro from Lahaina, Maui

50. Joey Hernandez from Auburn, CA/Maui

51. Kathleen “Kat” McHugh/Island Baskets from Lahaina, Maui

52. Diana and Rain Poulsen from Kihei, Maui

53. Lisa, Glen, and Travis Gerrard form Wailiea, Maui

54. Gazebo Restaurant from Napili, Maui, says ALOHA

55. Lauren Kang from Lahaina, Maui

56. Leilani Rodrique from Lahaina, Maui

57. Melanie Gillcoat from Lahaina, Maui

58. Renae’ and Mark Anderson from Lahaina, Maui

59. Danette Trujillo from Lahaina, Maui

60. Courtney and Justin Nuckle from Lahaina, Maui

61. Meghan, Chase, Brian Lee + Bentley from Lahaina, Maui

62. Helen and Bill Mueser from Truckee, CA.

63.Grace, Kristen,Ken, Chris Hill from Hayward, CA.

64. Jamie + “Purrfect” Kane from Kuau, Maui

65.”Mr. Spotty Pants” + “Abby Kane” from Kuau, Maui

66. Kalyn Lepre from Mammoth, CA.

67. Catherine Dunn from Wellington, New Zealand

68. Matt, Susan + Benjamin Kerstein from Launiopoko, Maui

69. MauiHoliday.com 1-866- 500-MAUI Wailea, Maui

70. Justin Tucker from Galveston, TX.

71. Diane Gates from Mahinahina, Maui.

72. Bonnie and Ron Olmsted from San Jose, CA.

73. Jennifer Tardibuono from Kahana, Maui.

74.Blackie and Sara Gardarian from Lahaina, Maui.

75. Lorrie Mulholland from Lahaina, Maui.

76. Regina Campisi from Lahaina, Maui.

77. Cheryl Nasser from Lahaina, Maui.

78. West Maui Safety Check from lahaina, Maui.

79. George Nunes from Lahaina, Maui.

80. Aikane X5/Kellams from Lahaina, Maui.

81. The Lisk Family from Lahaina, Maui.

82. Jeanette Howard from Lahaina, Maui.

83. Tery P. Crystal from Santa Monica, CA.

84. Mammoth Chevron/Karl Teller from Mammoth, CA.

85. Red Sierra Hickory Hot Dogs from Mammoth, CA.

86. Mike Cook from Mammoth, CA.

87. Ted Carlton from mammoth, CA.

88. Mike Hotz/Michelle Lamicq from Fruita, CO.

89. Sayrah Garrison/Chrysalis Counseling from Oakland, CA.

90. Tom Hapiuk from Pleasanton, CA.

91. Laura and Cliff Ward from Tahoe City, CA.

92. Will Blinco/GW Automotive from Hawthorne, NV.

93. Tanner Song from Las Vegas, NV.

94. John W. Gagnebin from Las Vegas, NV.

95. Wesley Gagnebin from las Vegas, NV.

96. Kris Brown from Brianhead, UT.

97. Mark Milbrath from Brianhead, UT., Kihei

98. Jill and Sam Ireland from Lahaina/Iao Valley

99. Justine Webb from Lahaina, Maui

100. Kim and Anthony Remington from Lahaina, Maui

101. Kim and Dick Duggins from Woodward, OK.

102. Eske’s Brewpub & Eatery from Taos, NM.

103. Julia Pyatt from Taos, NM.