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There are no negatives, just different levels of positive? No matter how low it may seem, looking up will always allow one to climb. Sometimes the way up is not so steep, other times, steep can be scary, and then, upward tips back into your view. An indoor sport is now made up of this view, hanging on to grip holds attached to walls of different pitches. Climbing up to the top is the goal, hand over hand, foot holds set in different angles, upwards, always with positive thoughts. The way down, is not as a downward dog pose, as climbing in this lounge, really prepares you to rock.

MauiSkiBus can add a yoga class that is secondary business to a rock climbing not gym, as lounging around with a peaceful atmosphere is prevalant here, alongside the Animas River. Durango, Colorado has a climbing location that allows positive minded rock climbers a terrific location to add in a yoga class for added climbing flexibility. The Rock Lounge was excited to have MauiSkiBus parked in front of their location, adding in a bit of positive bright yellow color. Step on in here, watch the various methods of climbing techniques, pitches, and belaying methods, before a class, taught by a vibrant beaming Meredith.

Rock climbing is a very dangerous sport, one that allows no errors, no negatives allowed, no accidents. Having flexibility from yoga will add that extra bit a strength for that extra reach, extra foot hold, just more endurance to hang in there, looking up. Congrats to the owners of The Rock Lounge, Marcus/Tambri  Garcia, for having the insight to add yoga as an added benefit offered for their dedicated rock climbers. Up, up, and away!

One posi Ladee

Five posi Lads

The Rock Lounge Yoga


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