Basin of Snow’s Gondola Museum

Actions speak louder than words. The achievements of deceased men will live on through the lips of alive men. Once written, stands forever. Just Google it. Life is easier to exist than excel, as the non-doers have more time to sit around and talk about the doers. Focusing on the Olympics, summer or winter, is at least four years in the making. Dedication to excel at this high level has room only for a few, however those few are spread out all over the world. Where to find the names of winter Olympians that have medaled in one spot? Not even Google has that available, however a moving strawberry and needle will be able to share with you.

Assume wrong and it might mean “ass u me”. This 20015 snow season has been very rough on the ski industry all over the west. Some resorts are fine, some have struggled, and too many have shutdown early. MauiSkiBus needed internet, so decided to go into one of the, if not the, best ski lodges that it has ever visited east of Ogden, Utah. Snow Basin was the site for the downhill, super G, and combined races during the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics. Finding solace in a banquet room with a fireplace, where there are so many fireplaces to snuggle up to, MauiSkiBus did much needed office work.

A drop in to the admin office, and admin Karen, all smiles and giggles, loved seeing MauiSkiBus when she arrived to work. A quick call to a marketing guru J Dyer, and MauiSkiBus found its way up 3,000 feet on Needles gondola to the rugged peaks of Mt. Ogden. Adorning both inside and outside of all 86 gondolas are tributes to past winter Olympians. Need more info, head skiers right, drop into the land of berries and all 86 gondolas on Strawberry also honor past Olympians. More info desired? Explore the lodges of Snow Basin and find the discovery room, learning about the land area history surrounding the Snow Basin Ski Resort.

One fireplace, two fireplace, three fireplace, and more, this is a ski area that has lodges built to withstand a tornado, modern day relics adorning walls, wooden beams to marvel at, and then all of those names of Olympians on the 192 gondolas. MauiSkiBus received its biggest surprise of the 2015 season, as what viewed like a nearly snowless mountain, had a plethora of perfect spring skiing runs, many under the museum worthy gondolas, Needles and Strawberry. A fantastic day was had at Snow Basin. Now MauiSkiBus needs to find a way to move into the lodge.

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