About Steve


This photo is of myself, Sir Edmund Hillary, and his wife, at the Walorf-Astoria. I am a member of the Explorers Club in New York City and at the 100th anniversary of the Explorers Club, I convinced the State of Hawaii to send 1,800 fresh flower leis to the Club’s annual dinner. The Explorers Club is basically the “Hall of Fame”, for explorers from around the world over the last 110 years.

Members include Sir Edmund Hillary{pictured, first man to climb Mt. Everest}, MauiSkiBusSteve{pictured, first to solo windsurf  LA to Maui}, Ernest Shackleton{famous Anarctica explorer}, John Glenn{first person to orbit Earth}, Robert Ballard{found the Titantic}, Neil Armstrong/Buzz Aldrin{first to step on the moon}, Mars mission expedition members, archaeologists of the Great Pyramids, and countless other explorers, discovers, scientist, and inventers. Having a Nobel Prize would be a step up from being a recognized member of the Explorers Club.