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December 2022

How to time flies or does time fly? Just like in quantum mechanics, matter does not exist until it is looked for. Motion is all there is, similar to floating snowflakes falling down upon wishful eyes, tickling cheeks, and avoiding extended tongues. Watching those white singular flakes dancing down, it might appear that there is [...]

2022 Update from MauiSkiBus

MauiSkiBus has now surpassed 10 years of mainly winter adventures. Since the 2011/2012 success to ski 104 alpine/nordic western USA/Canada resorts, MauiSkiBus continues to diesel on. 2015 saw 38 resorts and 52 yoga studios and 2017 was again venturing to ski areas, with six months away from Maui. The more recent years have seen MauiSkiBus [...]

MauiSkiBus 2021 News

4/6/2021 Ten years of skiing/yoga/mt. biking adventures with MauiSkiBus have now passed. Another ten years into the future?? A good goal to set, for this Tropical Ski Bum, wifey Queen Lenka, and now daughter Livia Joelle. Over 50,000 miles have been driven over the last ten years, twice to the north as far as Kicking [...]

2019 MauiSkiBus Adventure ##4

The whole idea that turned into MauiSkiBus started on Maui in November 2010, when Mammoth received over 200″ of snow. I had just started a fantastic job with Westin Villas Maui and asked my manager Randy for two weeks off in December to get my ski addiction fulfilled. Randy listened to my request, snickered a [...]

2016-17 Ski Resorts Visited

This ski season is more laid back, as MauiSkiBus is not really going for any big ski resort goals. Having a more relaxed schedule allows MauiSkiBus to spend more time in each destination, so multiple days are being spent at each ski area. Below is a You-Tube link to an interview that was done for [...]

MauiSkiBus 2016-17 Ski Adventure #3

Success in a goal, is always the focus. To elevate that success to a level not ever thought of, is a fantastic life treat. MauiSkiBus, alias MauiMt.BikeBus, alias MauiYogaBus, has attained numerous achievements, never originally thought of. The main goal was to visit and ski 100 different western USA/Canada ski resorts during the 2011/12 ski [...]

TOP Litter

In 1997, before there even was any idea to do MauiSkiBus, a frustrated ski bum windsurfed from LA to Maui. This route took Da Slippa II through the edge of what is called the “Pacific Garbage Patch”, an area in the middle of the Pacific where floating garbage swirls around with the ocean currents. During [...]

La Ta Yo ke hoe ga

This is the end, beautiful friend, this is the end, my only friend, the end. {J.Morrison} Does this seem a bit depressing? Might feel that way, however, all goals must come to an end. The 2015 goal to ski 50 different western USA/Canada ski resorts fell short at 38. Mother Nature and the lack of snow had her [...]

truck’n yoga with a hollywood flair

Clarity of sight, a strong visual focus, defined vision of direction, seeing a projected outcome, all contribute to being deviated as not an option. Life’s distractions are so apparent, a moment for a time out will create moments to be focused. MauiSkiBus2, winter 2015, a very light snow year, was saved by MauiYogaBus, being able to [...]

Yoga hits 50 with a royal sanctuary

Man’s and most woman’s best friend? Dogs. Cats are cool, but never could live up to this previous question. More goes on through a dogs eyes than most humans realize. Picture this. A pack of wolves is out hunting in the northern reaches of the Artic. The alpha wolf leads, focusing eyes on the herd [...]