a tahoe yoga musical

The five main senses of humans, sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing can all be naturally altered by us all, minus one. Do not want to see? Close your eyes. Taste is only there with an open mouth. Keep your hands to yourself, and touch is not there. Nasty smells? Breathe through your mouth. Then there is hearing. There is no way to naturally turn off hearing anything, whether a annoying noise or a soothing captivating sound. All yoga studios that MauiSkiBus has visited this 2015 season somewhat start the same, South Lake Tahoe has a studio that starts off with a musical.

Yoga classes usually begin with the instructor setting the class atmosphere or a soft “OM”. Near the shores of South Lake Tahoe, Mountain Yoga invited all to partake in a soft toned Sanskrit chant led by a “cute as a button on a Raggedy Ann doll” Laura, complete with portable harmonium. This was not an expectation for MauiSkiBus, more of a surprise of delight, as this was a first during the 2015 quest to visit 50 different yoga studios.

Yoga studios all have one core thing in common and that is the human art form of different yoga poses. More and more studios are adding a creative mix to this core, sharing the evolution of the practice of yoga. This creative mix is adding to the popularity of yoga, and MountainYoga has added space and time to their schedule. An hour class is the norm, an hour plus half is becoming more common, but a full hour plus hour is a first seen by MauiSkiBus. Seeing the changes in yoga, feeling the benefits of a flexible body, a studio that emits the aroma of precious oils, and hearing sounds of harmonious voices, are all here at Mountain Yoga. Now how to add a delicious taste to fulfill all five senses?

12 singing yogaettes

1 humming yoga dude



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