hotties hit 103 on the yoga meter

Ok, so multiple times, MauiSkiBus has received comments that the reason to attend yoga classes during the 2015 ski/yoga season is because of all the hotties. Butt, that is correct, sort of. It would be way too shallow of a healthy mindset of proper thoughts for that to be the reason. Maybe a benefit, butt not the reason, as ladies that can handle 103 degrees of heat, deserve respect, not a gawking tropical ski bum or any male dis-respectful  energy. Wanna butt some heads with the naysayers, hit a real hot yoga class, as it will kicka your butt into fine form?

The art of yoga is just that, an art form with the human body and mind. It is more than an exercise, not competitive in nature, and not something to flaunt. Las Vegas in well known for gambling, late night shows, and a bit of an edgy party atmosphere. It is also well known for major boxing events and MauiSkiBus just happened to be in Sin City for one of the biggest fights ever, MoneyMan Mayweather and PacMan Pacquiao. Yes, these two dudes are known to be fit, maybe both should receive an invite to really see how fit, with a class at 103 Hot Yoga , Las Vegas. Hotties galore practice here and both fighters might find proper concentration difficult, butt Miss Josie, would do some butt kicking on these two, to make sure all poses are proper. Post class sweaty smiles will be greeted by the flower of grace, Miss Roze Anne.

The human body is over 75% liquid and a proper liquid alkalinity is one of the most important components for proper health. Very few individuals that MauiSkiBus has encountered are aware of this importance, that all water not is not equal, that a high PH liquid body has enhanced health benefits. At this point in time, with over 44 different yoga studios visited, only one has a high PH water for its guests. 103 Hot Yoga, Las Vegas, Nevada, more known for “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’, has a studio to mimic a nightclub feel, high alkaline H2O to consume, and a hot yoga to challenge Sir Mayweather/Pacquiao. They may want to kick each others butt, 103 Hot Yoga will surely kick their butts equally.

20 fine female butts

1 tropical ski bum butt



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