A city without yoga sinners

As the human body ages, sports and athlectic activities will and do change. Football players end up barely walking. Golfers are chastised with knee and back injuries, due to the constant a-symmetrical swing. Tennis elbow anyone? Marathon runners end up with stress factors. Cycling mainly uses the lower body, leaving an unbalanced physique. Like swimming? Better on the joints, however all that chlorine is toxic. OK, Crossfit? Doctors love the added injuries to their business. Surfers do great, when there is surf. Watch out for skin cancer. Excessive couch surfing is a sin to a human torso. A love penance for your body, soul, mind and anti-aging can be found in your garage.

Move out the cars, paint and decorate the walls, add in a bamboo wood floor, and your studio for life is made. MauiSkiBus can now add yoga not for sinners, in a converted garage to the list of 50 yoga studios attempted to visit in the 2015 adventure. Sin City Yoga, Las Vegas, proud to be nicknamed, “Sin City”, offers a yoga destination that MauiSkiBus really enjoyed, as budokanette Crystal, taught out back, in the wonderfully renovated former garage.

All humans, large and small, tall and short, skinny and the obese, can benefit for life with a more flexible fit body. From simple chair yoga to the masterful intense hot yoga, MauiSkiBus has so far visited and done them all. All sports and athletics have a great following, and all that follow and partake in any sport of their choice, can and will benefit from the many different forms of yoga. Sin City Yoga is just off the Downtown Strip of Vegas, offering an array of classes for all to join. Now there needs to be an addition to the garage studio to park MauiSkiBus inside.

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