Y om in a yoga sanctuary?

Sounds of chirping birds, mixed in with barking dogs, adding in over 7,000,000,000(billion} souls of different languages and voice tones, maybe toss in a bit of the humming of Mother Earth, spinning on a tilted axis, all combining to sound like? Quatum mechanics and astro-physics delve into the science of all that exist from the Big Bang until this moment, with a soft prediction of things to come. Stepping into this world of science and adding in the present day combined sounds of the Earth, what in the far reaches of the Universe does Earth sound like? A sanctuary will share this, as a sound here replicates the voice of the Earth.

The scientific community has huge radio telescopes listening to the farthest reaches of outer space for sounds that come from the distant past. If those same radio telescopes were located in the far reaches of outer space, directed at Earth, what sound would be heard? OM, the primordial sound vibration emitted from yoga studios worldwide, even in a city more know for slotting ching ching. Four directions of Earth and four levels of consciousness all contribute to OM, and a yoga sanctuary located in the city of neon lights offers two directions to chant OM, east for the rising sun, and west for the sun to set.

Yoga Sanctuary of Las Vegas, carefully overseen by a yogi goddess to the stars, Sherry Goldstein, welcomed MauiSkiBus. West towards the setting sun, was the location for this cosmic visit, as a high vibrating “Can you feel it”, Celine was the yoga class opera maestroess. At times, she was overseeing her universe of yogis from her perch and at other times, she would silently prance around, finely adjusting postures and forms. Preciseness was apparent here, seemingly with grace, putting human atoms into perfect form. Post class, a happy group posed closer to the heavens, sharing many higher vibrations of sound, on top of MauiSkiBus. Can you hear their pleasure and excitement?

Eleven Female Atoms

One Male Molecule




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