man, a month of 200 inches

Snow report; November, 2010, over 200 inches of snow fell, at a famous elephant relative of a ski resort and MauiSkiBus was stuck. Stuck on a tropical island named Maui. A tropical ski bum in the making was frustrated that this amount of snow was falling and not a bit of it could be enjoyed from the distant shores of Maui. Man, a month of 200 inches, a dream for any ski/snowboard bum. Even the distant relative of the elephant need a trunk to breath with, as the snow was too deep to breathe through nostrils.

Got Snow? Yes, this place usually gets vast quantities of snow, but a cycle of weather has not given Mammoth anywhere near that amount of snow since the winter of 2010/2011. In fact, the whole winter season since, has barley edged past the total snowfall of that November 2010. MauiSkiBus was able to finish the 2015 ski season at this famous resort in a blizzard in late April, giving thighs a last chance to hit the slopes with burning turns of fresh powder. A blizzard furnishes wind to fill in skiers/snowboarders tracks, presenting nearly new fresh turns on every run. Screams of delight are emitted by nearly all on the mountain, a bit similar to an elephants bugle. Mammoth Mountain offered a tasty finish of skiing for MauiSkiBus2, 2015 winter adventure.


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