yoga will mob your abs

Resort towns that are focused around sports are usually confined in some manner by a geographic land mass, an ocean, or a mountain. Expansion in these areas are not as easy as flat plains, deserts, or swamp land. Orlando is basically a swamp, so drain it, and then there is land to build. The desert surrounding Phoenix is somewhat the same, if water can be found. Beach areas have a huge demand, as everyone wants to be on the beach. Mobs of tourists flock to beaches to cool off in hot summer months or to warm up in cold winter months. Most need work on their abs, as six packs can easily be bought, but rarely seen. Get in the yoga mode and abs will appear, bearing six pacs that will be earned.

Skiers and snowboarders have strong legs and riding bikes help to maintain that strength in summer months. Many different mountains ski areas have their favorite places to shred in the winter months, however only one place holds the prestige of the top spot to cycle, especially mountain bike cycling. Mobs of cyclists can be found here, in the desert area of east central Utah, with 12,000 foot mountains casting snow shadows on miles and miles of trails. Moab, a new name in the sporting resort area, lacking any upper class resort feel, has only one real yoga studio, easily named, Moab Yoga, right in the heart of town.

Upon arrival into Moab, MauiSkiBus searched out this studio and found not only one instructor, actually three, somewhat like the three yoga muskateerettes! Angela the owner, Natali an instructor at Moab Yoga, and Tiegan, an instructor from Salt Lake City. Toursits from all over the world come to Moab to cycle and enjoy the varied terrain, also partaking in classes. Whilst cycling legs can take a break, a delightful yoga class can be had here at Moab Yoga. Need a six pac? Head on over to Moab Yoga, as they will be found, minus the hangover.

Angela instructor

9 ladies

5 men


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