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During the 2015 ski/yoga adventure season, MauiSkiBus actually spends hours and hours contacting marketing managers at ski resorts and introduces this adventure to yoga studios. The means for an introduction to the yoga studios, it is either an e-mail with photos or a personal phone message. Yes, a personal phone message, in the non-personal texting age. Really, what is the big deal on texting? A message is OK, however a conversation is ridiculous by text. Overall, MauiSkiBus rates the sum of all the yoga studios a C as far as return messages after being contacted. This is actually sad from an industry that prides itself on smiles and a healthy atmosphere. It is understood by MauiSkiBus that an e-mail can be directed into a spam folder, however a personal message is recorded. Many studios receive multiple contacts and many of those have done zero responses. Not Shanti, she called Sierra and invited MauiSkiBus to visit.

Not in the priest, but in a bishop, lies Sierra Shanti, with a highly happy energetic Kelley to greet with smiles that should be cloned. MauiSkiBus was running late, as the phone for an invitation to visit was received in Moab, a solid ten hour drive away to Bishop, California. Upon arrival to this delightful studio, Miss Kelley already had a yoga mat reserved for MauiSkiBus, as the class had just started. And what a class this sappy happy lass of an instructor orchestrated.

Post class, a majority of the class itself hung around and did multiple poses, a bit of a flash mob yoga, fronting her studio,  in the heart of Bishop. Onlookers were delighted with postures of the group upon MauiSkiBus, with Franklin in the middle of the happy group. Not to be left out, Miss Kelley did her own bit of style, with poses of perfection on top of MauiSkiBus. An A+ is sent to Kelley for her high happy energy and the drive of ten hours was totally forgotten, as precious moments in the company of Sierra Shanti Yoga was well worth it.

Kelley instructor

9 ladies

6 men


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