Beaver Creek: An Experiance, Class Act, and Another World Cup 2015


MauiSkiBus2, 2015 ski season, has softly started, with its first resort, a Sat. Dec. 6th visit to Snowbird, Utah. More will take place soon, with Beaver Creek, Sun. Dec 14th, and then Vail, Wed., Dec. 17th. The first interview of the 2015 season was done with Chelsea Haviland, of Outside TV Park City. More will come and photos are on the way. First we need snow!


Ski resorts should be a model for human inter-relations, as what may seem busy and scattered, is really organized. For example, the actual drive to a ski resort when the roads are snow covered and icy. Drivers start with impaired vision, wipers going back and forth, ice bombs that fall off of cars to avoid, agressive four wheel drive trucks behind that want to pass too fast, and then getting the defrost heat working just right. Once in the parking lot, following the lot attendents directions, avoiding skier and snowboarders in the lot, and making sure to get good traction with no snow tires.  From there, it is getting gear on, getting a lift ticket, getting in line, and getting on the chair lift in a order sequence that is not really spelled out correctly. Once on the mountain, what run to take, where to meet for lunch, how to avoid the numerous snowboarders sitting in an un-organized manner, usually in the middle of the run, and then the mass of all at the base getting ready to go home. This goes on at all ski resorts, especially on the weekends and one resort that seems to have a See to no eras, has boulders to ski off of scattered all over the slopes in an organized manner.

SierraTahoe just wants you to "Go with the Flow".

Groomers are for the grommers that like it easy. A switch to that is air, whether a little or heap of air, into the ski statosphere, high above a Rt.50, where famous emerge, famous from the five rings and the radical X. Ladies seem to be the lean of the way at Si no Era, as Teter Gold Rings H, Anderson X J., and Bowman X M., no Era’s of the Si, near the Lake of Tahoe. Boulders are scattered in an organized manner throughout the giant trees to hug, slopes are here to burn thighs, to twist, to tear apart one that drives on by, looking for a bigger name to ski. See from here, high above, a 360 cafe boasting a 360 view, white of snow capped peaks of the Sierras and blue of the Lake of Tahoe.

A 360 view will show off to eyes the Lake of the Blue, TahoeHugging is better than hitting the trees of SierraTahoe.

Sierra Tahoe, far from pineapples, but thinking MauiSkiBus is “Powered by Pineapple Juice”, as marketing Leslie posted, with marketing Lauren and Katie softly rolling happy Sierra eyes. Sir Steve of the Sierra, was off at the Games of X, supporting the Sierra X Triplets, with medals to return to share dishes of delight made just for them. What may feel on a busy weekend of scatterness is actually organized here at Sierra Tahoe. Terrain parks for little or big air, a wild west town to ski through, some Star Wars figures to avoid, creative ideas flow all over the small name ski resort that MauiSkiBus DID NOT put on the 2011/2012 official list of 104 resorts skied in one season. A scolding by many was given and a small fun ski trip of 2013 will make sure that Sierra Tahoe WILL be on the official list for 2013/2014.

Sometimes a closed sign means closed for a good reason.



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Krik of the Doow, 104th resort in one season



Injuries are worth it or not? A MMA/UFC fighter is aware that he might get a serious knockout. A NCAA/NFL football player is well aware of torn knee ligamints.  NHL hockey players smile with black holes, teethless grins. PBA bull riders have 8 seconds of pain and gore, then they get off. Then there are golfers. OK, next on the injury list. A broken leg. Skiers dread a broken leg. MauiSkiBus had a sadistic goal on the last resort on the last day on the last run, to break a leg. Damn, it did not happen, did not happen at the newest ski resort to be added to the vast empire of Vail.

USA on top, Hawaii on bottom and MauiSkiBusettes at KikwoodInside MauiSkiBus with all the 104 resorts listed, Kirkwood #104

Way over there, way out of the way, is a locale of a ski resort that has miles and miles of wood all around, something Capt. Kirk could see from space. MauiSkiBus has followed the snow that falls here year after year, just never seemed to get way out here in the woods of Capt. Kirk, to shred down slopes seemed to be designed just for a skier to rip. Once here, MauiSkiBus felt as if it was out of the coop, just to find a marketing Coop named Kevin, a voice to echo throughout Capt. Kirk’s Woods.

MauiSkiBus and Fischer Watea skis fininished with 104 resorts at Kirkwood, CA.

Kirkwood has been found, Kirkwood had been skied, Kirkwood had not been tamed, nor did Kirkwood break a leg. MauiSkiBus met some rad locals that went fast and fast down the bumps, with hoots and shouts from above, above by those riding Capt. Kirk’s chairs. This is a skiers destination. Forget the fancy, forget the show and tell, forget portfolios. Kirkwood should have a gate at the entrance, a guard named Capt. Kirk, an entry demand that one must come here to ski and ski it is. Kirkwood was a fantastic last resort to MauiSkiBus’s goal to attain 100, with the actual number 104 resorts in one ski season. Until next season, no break a leg.


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Hell no, I rather go to ……ly.

Deep inside all human brains is a spot. That simple spot we know little about. Most do not realize that this spot runs most of our days, is responsible for freeze, flight, fight, food, and of course fornication. That spot loves blue, deep deep blue, so deep it is over 1600 feet deep blue. Going up at this south shore spot will add more visual of blue for that spot. Higher and higher, a brain can ascend, above the blue, closer to the blue above, more blue for that spot. So delightful is the surrounding blue, one may feel they have left Earth and gone to a ……ly spot. So much blue down there and so close to the blue up there.

Front row VIP spot for MauiSkiBus under heaven.

The best part of a ski resort is not skiing. How can that be? If a ski resort can offer an awesome asset that is not related directly to skiing, how much better will the skiing actually be? Non-skiers might feel intimidated by the high athletic energy that surrounds and ski resorts. The sport does require more of a fit torso and a male/female soul that can handle the cold. This should be an attraction to non-skiers and then the feel of a resort itself. Get to a ski resort all non-skiers, you might feel a taste of heaven.

Front row and center, right under the tram that goes the opposite of hell, was MauiSkiBus parked. A Russ and a Sally, angels employeed by heaven, made sure MauiSkiBus was given the keys to heaven. A ly would make it Heavenly, so close to the deep blue of Lake Take, all 1,600 feet deep. Safety is the word here, even though the most famous run uses mogul skiers as bullets, ripping apart Gunbarrel.

Ski resort #103 was an awesome taste of Heaven

A non-skier would have that deep spot in their brain entertained by the feel of this resort. The deep blue of Lake Tahoe by day and by night the glam of the mini-strip of gambling lights would be added.  Sleep could be had here at Heavenly, not at night nor not on the slopes. Maybe on the chair going up, however that deep spot in the brain will awake to view the deep blue of

There is no way to beat the view here where the snow god lives.

Lake Tahoe.

Heavenly Ski Resort is another fine sister in the Vail family of ski resorts. To say the slopes are better, better than what? So many ski resorts have so many great slopes. Something stands out here at Heavenly, and the view here does match the name of this resort. Everybody wants chocolate, to save the world, and to go to Heavenly.


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Akau = North + Hoku = Star

Single. Too most, it means unmarried. To some, a wish, and for some, tired of being. To a skier, a quicker way to get on a chair, to avoid those lines, those lift lines, those lines that deter from the reason to come to a ski resort. At European ski resorts, local skiers push and shove, stand on skis, shout at those that miss chairs, and seemed have a one and only focus. Get on the chair to get another run. At US reosrts, mannerism seems to exist and single can be shouted out to get ahead in line. Many larger resorts have specific single lines, dedicated to making a more effecient lift line process. So if one can ski single and do 23 runs down a 2,000 foot slope, how vertical feet does that make? Is it high enough to reach a star, maybe one that relates to the snow storms that come from the north.

Once visited years ago, once skied all those runs, once remembered for all that vertical, MauiSkiBus returned and skied the resort north of lake Tahoe, the star lake of all mountain ski towns. Glamour had been brought here, a ritzy feel had been added, an ice skating rink put in the middle, a ski resort village of kala, Hawaiian for mula money. The cliche, “If you build it, they wil come”, stands so true here at this north Tahoe ski resort, attracting stars and skiers alike. Akau Hoku, the north star in Hawaiian and the NorthStar of the Vail family.

Locals have seen a sleepy non-known ski resort transformed into a European feel ski resort with amenities galore. Such as 15,000 ladies and gentlemen that want to get muddy here in the summer, turning themselves into mud dudes and mud felines. Skate around the rink at night, sit so close to the open warm flames, enjoy skimming across water on closing day, or hearing the howl of resident coyotes, all are here at NorthStar at Tahoe. Jess van Pernis was there to help, just was not peering around the corner when MauiSkiBus was shown a VIP parking spot late at night by the security of NorthStar. The day was shared with Truckee locals Bill/Helen and Maui locals Alyssa/JP, adding to the delight of remembering the day that ”single” was shouted out to ski all that vertical, so far north of Maui, the star of the Hawaiian Islands.



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alp in the meaw dows

Lean on me. Sometimes we all need to lean on another. For an individual that is used to doing things on their own, asking for a shoulder can be at times not in the focus of success. MauiSkiBus had a long term goal to ski 100 resorts and it happened. 100 different ski resorts in one season. Many helped along the way, way too many to mention. One of the help along the way was from the marketing departments at the different ski resorts. So many managers were delighted to assist MauiSkiBus with lift tickets, VIP parking, lunches, and gifts. A thanks goes to all and a thanks goes to #102 resort, past the goal of the 100 resorts. Many skiers from this continent that started both styles of skiing were able to see MauiSkiBus, as the Alps are famous for their ski resorts. Alpine and Nordic. One compliments the other.

Next door is a compliment resort, one made famous more for the extreme territory, but lacking in the view of the blue Lake Tahoe. Nordic skiing is hard in this valley, as steep chutes rise from the valley leading up to the alpine skiing. A day here dropping in will feel like dropping out of the busy scene next door and the view on top of Lake Tahoe is an added bonus. A recent merger with the female Indian, soon a trail to combine, and the Squaw will have its feel of the Alps, as in Alpine Valley, CA.

A fine ski resort

squalor away a hunski

Modern day ski bumming is tough. Tough compared to what? A hot shower everyday. Or even twice. What about EZ access to a jacuzzi? Fireplace that lights itself or a remote controlled thremostat that warms your home before you even crawl out of bed. An electric blanket as easy to use as easy to plug in to electic that is easy to get and easy to pay for with automatic billing to easy credit cards to give easy airline miles to fly far way to an easy beach in the tropics. Life on MauiSkiBus does take dedication and at times it is not easy. A professional skier has it easy off the slopes, but on the slopes, dedication and training are a must that is not easy on the body. Joints get worked and really worked when a skier competes in moguls. MauiSkiBus had the honor to make the 100th resort of the 2011/2012 ski season, to ski with, on an invite, a gold medalist, the one and only ski character, Sir Mogul Madman, Johnny Mosely.

The Sierra mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe get snow. Really, at times, so much snow, it has to be trucked out of areas, so snowplows can clear roads and parking lots. The snow that falls in the Sierra are the first stop for the major winter storms that blast along the Californis coast. Laden with moisture, this snow at times is heavy and has a nickname of “Sierra Cement”. A hundred inches of this snow can and has fallen in a matter of a few days. That could mean 8 feet of snow over a weekend. The Washoe Indians that lived here in the past, would always be lead away by their chief to lower less snowy valleys, but in one Tahoe Valley, a Washoe chief left his squaw. This valley of the snow squall, is the same valley Sir Mogul Madman Johnny trained, dedicated to see gold through all the white that fell here.

Olympics of the past were here and a flame still burns for all to see upon a visit to the Valley of the Washoe Squaw. 100 different ski resorts in one year, from comments by numerous ski patrollers had never been done, and MauiSkiBus was invited by a squaw Amelia, the guru-ette of Squaw Valley, home of the 1960 Winter Olympics.  Red Dog chair front row and center parking was reserved for MauiSkiBus and some filming with the gang from Warren Miller was done on Johnny’s Run. Squaw Valley boasts a tremendous amount of snow and a tremendous amount of world class skiers. Being here with so many rock solid skiers on the day of the 100th resort skied, was eqaul in delight, to a day of skiing in Squaw’s legendary storms.



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Sha na na na sta

Chains. Chain gang. Anchor chain. Neck chain. Rigging chain. Chain letter. Chain of command. Tire chains. A must for mountains, especially snowy icy conditions going up mountain passes. MauiSkiBus drove 13,000 miles on its quest to ski 100 different ski resorts and did not have to put chains on once. Sad, but true, so sad, as it meant a lean snow year. Will MauiSkiBus2 see chains? The last chain mentioned above is welcomed, so welcomed, before MauiSkiBus2 starts, chains will be put on for the first time, at the first resort, and a hommage will be given for a safe journey with a Hawaiian Ki leaf blessing. A blessing was not given by a CHP officer, as MauiSkiBus was driving on a clear road, up to ski resort #99. A ticket was issue for no chains on, a fine was levied, a contest this ticket was returned, another fine was sent by snail mail, “Where is your CHP picture eveidence?’ was sent back, a drop of charges was sent, and off to ski Sha na na sta saying Na Na na to the issuing CHP.

MauiSkiBus drives fine in moderate snow conditions with out chains due to a 6.6 liter turbo diesel, dual rear tires, six snow tires, and weighing over 5,000 pounds. Getting up some of the access roads to ski resorts can be more difficult that the roads leading to them and no serious problems have occurred. Ski resort #99 was different than the CHP agent 99, as welcome was servedby staff, ski patrol, local skiers, and the mother God of snow storms. It came down, a track was laid, it came down again, and the track dis-appeared. Na Na Na was sung all days, as legs played in deep white, and hot mocha MauiSkiBus coffee played inside. The actual name of this volcano is in the distance of this resort. Mt. Sha na na Sta will reveal itself by taking away storm clouds and the resort will reveal itself by taking away Na Na Na.

Mt. Shasta, CA. is run in a little way by a Big Jim, a smile that runs sideways, from slope to slope.

Batch of 98lb. Mt. Groms

In the 1800, thousands upon thousands of settlers from the east made their way west to find wide open spaces and a dream of a better life. Their mode of transportation? The soles of their boots. Possibly a horse. Maybe a covered wagon. What ever they used to cross the Great Plains as transportation, nothing would compare to the fine luxury MauiSkiBus gave to a tropical ski bum and two Maui beach lovin’ dogs. A dance floor on top with a speakeasy storage area, a Maui sand interior floor to represent a beach, speakers all around to play Brother Israel Kamakawiwiole’s “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, and a diesel engine to push the bright yellow bus up and over mountain passes over 11,000 feet. So straight and easy for a batchleor that can easily bend, yoga baby! 

Oregon was one of the main destinations for these settlers traveling in wagon trains from the east. Wide open pasture and farm acreage, beautiful mountains surrounding verdant valleys, rivers of clean water, and a climate never too harsh for any soul. Rivers have curves, never seem to go straight, and always have a special bend. Hence, stop here, unload the wagons, set-up camp, make a new home here, under the watchful eye of a batchleor.  This is the spot, the Bend, the unwed male mountain ski resort, the Batchleor of all mountains. The Deschutes River is here, so are a set of sister mountains, and land to be had for all.

Another awesome day to ski another awesome ski resort of the American West. Mt. Batchleor, Oregon, the 98th resort so far, not to be compared to a 98 pound weakling. Vacant black diamond ski runs of MauiSkiBus’ choice were free for the taking. A group from was there to share some runs, again patrollers were delighted in the ski adventure story, and the marketing manager               set MauiSkiBus up with a premier parking location. The dogs were a hit with all, Franklin with his exact seal sounding bark, and Gykaiya happy to see all, tail wagging at 1,000 rpms!

When is a goal over with? At the end of the finish line. When the timeclock shows 0.00. When one has reached their goal plateau. And at the per-decided end. At #98 resort, the goal seemed to be so close to be conquered. However, mental attitude maintains a focus on every turn, every mile driven, awaiting the pre-determined number.    100.    One Hundred.    Ten times ten.   98 plus 2.   Mt.Batchleor was the 98th and the tropical ski bum batchleor would not be satifised until the additional 2 were added. Off to another resort from here. Another number.