December 2022

How to time flies or does time fly? Just like in quantum mechanics, matter does not exist until it is looked for. Motion is all there is, similar to floating snowflakes falling down upon wishful eyes, tickling cheeks, and avoiding extended tongues. Watching those white singular flakes dancing down, it might appear that there is a lack of order.

However so untrue, as the motion of matter has a harmony, an interaction on an atomic level. When the motion of a snow flake appears, motion and matter coexist.

Flying time of ten years of MauiSkiBus has passed, past the first decade and now into the second decade, however not by flying, but a motion of rolling wheels.

60,000 rolling miles after the initial start in November 2011, MauiSkiBus continues it’s December 2022 motion of the snow flakes that matter to Snowbird/Alta{dumping matter of snow of five feet}, Nordic Valley, Eden, Utah{where a 2 year 5 month Livia Joelle first skied on white matter}, Snowbasin, SnowKing, and Jackson Hole.

2023 is now flying in and more miles will appear on the dash of MauiSkiBus. A unique locale high up in the San Juans, will again blend some yellow motion into white matter, with ton of Silver.

More motion creates heat, something that can be lacking at the 10,400′ base of Silverton Ski Area, a welcoming destination lacking what matters to majority of skiers. No need to miss a luxurious lodge, fancy aprez ski party, or a modern washroom, as Silverton never has had that.

MauiSkiBus is now in its second decade of doing mainly ski adventures throughout the western USA/Canada. Additional adventures have been to Rocky Mountain mountain bike trails and US National Parks.

It has been great to run into many that have seen MauiSkiBus before and delightful to see the smiles and stares of awe, to those that get to view MauiSkiBus for the first time. Continuing to share stickers lives on with MauiSkiBus, easily surpassing 10,000 handed out.

Any further questions, please reach out to TropicalSkiBumSteve, MAUISTYL@MAUI.NET or 808-268-1393

Keep the motion going or the matter will disappear.

2022 Update from MauiSkiBus

MauiSkiBus has now surpassed 10 years of mainly winter adventures. Since the 2011/2012 success to ski 104 alpine/nordic western USA/Canada resorts, MauiSkiBus continues to diesel on. 2015 saw 38 resorts and 52 yoga studios and 2017 was again venturing to ski areas, with six months away from Maui.

The more recent years have seen MauiSkiBus spending extended time at the very steep slopes of Silverton, Colorado. Silverton has been more than gracious towards MauiSkiBus and MauiSkiBus is currently enjoying the expert only slopes of Silverton 2022. Unguided 2023 plans for MauiSkiBus are in the works.

MauiSkiBus has added very delightful fall mountain biking and trail running during the fall period in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Queen Lenka and Livia Joelle have enjoyed the Yellowstone area fall 2021. No close encounters with bears, however great sightings of elk, deer, and bison. Even though West Yellowstone is very touristy busy, the Wolf and Grizzly center is worth a visit.

Gillett Diesel in Bluffdale, Utah, near Salt Lake City, has kept MauiSkiBus’ 6.5L turbo diesel in top condition. When purchased on Maui in 2011, the 2001 MauiSkiBus had 104,000 miles and now in April 2022, the mileage reads 159,000. Diesels are know to have hundreds of thousands of miles on the engine and hopefully MauiSkiBus can attain 200,000 plus miles.

This would be a fun benefit for Queen Lenka, Livia Joelle, and a Tropical Ski Bum, however many others enjoy seeing MauiSkiBus. Since the first adventure of MauiSkiBus in 2011, over 10,000 pieces of swag{stickers, hats, shirts, pins, playing cards, Maui coffee, Maui calenders, lip balm, goggle wipes, etc} have been passed out. Now Livia Joelle will get to experience numerous smiles from others by passing out items from MauiSkiBus.

MauiSkiBus 2021 News


Ten years of skiing/yoga/mt. biking adventures with MauiSkiBus have now passed. Another ten years into the future?? A good goal to set, for this Tropical Ski Bum, wifey Queen Lenka, and now daughter Livia Joelle.
Over 50,000 miles have been driven over the last ten years, twice to the north as far as Kicking Horse/Revelstoke, BC, Canada, twice south to Taos New Mexico, and west from Tahoe/Mammoth to east at the Colorado Front Range ski areas. Maintaining MauiSkiBus is a priority for a long term use and the big 6.5 turbo diesel is holding up well at 153,000 current miles.
MauiSkiBus has passed out over 10,000 pieces of swag{stickers, pins, hats, cards, etc}, has meet thousands of skiers/snowboarders, experienced perfect powder skiing days, done numerous mountain sweeps with ski patrollers, and established over four pages of media write ups listed on Google.
2021 ski adventure started of with a warm up at Snowbird, Utah, leading into a five week stay at the experts only double black diamond Silverton, Colorado. Queen Lenka and Livia Joelle will join MauiSkiBus for 2021 closing weekend at Silverton. A new family adventure awaits with the arrival of female energy onto MauiSkiBus.
If you like to read some interesting writing, scroll back and view the interesting writing of this Tropical Ski Bum, basing a ski adventure from Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

2019 MauiSkiBus Adventure ##4

The whole idea that turned into MauiSkiBus started on Maui in November 2010, when Mammoth received over 200″ of snow. I had just started a fantastic job with Westin Villas Maui and asked my manager Randy for two weeks off in December to get my ski addiction fulfilled.
Randy listened to my request, snickered a bit when he replied that I had just started working, with a a funny decline. I walked away a bit frustrated and decided that I did not want to ski one resort 100 days, but 100 resorts for only a day. Goal set, now to achieve success.
Searching Maui Craigslist, I came across a former diesel powered shuttle bus for $5,000. A yellow paint job, a custom interior build out, a naming of MauiSkiBus, and a shipping to California was the preparation to start the goal.
November 2011 was the start of MauiSkiBus and Big Bear was the first resort. Mammoth was the first major resort that embraced the mission of MauiSkiBus and that started the welcome that MauiSkiBus still receives today, 8 years later. Nearly every resort of the 104 visited in 2011/2012 shared comp tickets, VIP parking, mountain hosts, and more.
MauiSkiBus has shared over 10,000 stickers and swag, some from MauiSkiBus, some from resorts. Google has nearly four pages listed on MauiSkiBus, many from interviews with Outside TV Vail, Park City, and Tahoe.
The winter of 2014/2015 saw MauiSkiBus adventure #2, winter of 2016/2017 adventure #3, and winter of 2018/2019 adventure #4.
The first three were with three different dogs and now #4 with my wife Queen Lenka, learning to live on the road during winter months.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any questions, please send an e-mail to MAUISTYL@MAUI.NET

2016-17 Ski Resorts Visited

This ski season is more laid back, as MauiSkiBus is not really going for any big ski resort goals. Having a more relaxed schedule allows MauiSkiBus to spend more time in each destination, so multiple days are being spent at each ski area.

Below is a You-Tube link to an interview that was done for Outside TV Park City in Feb. 2017

1. Breckenridge

2. Vail

3. Beaver Creek

4. Steamboat Springs

5. A-Basin

6. Park City

7. Canyons

8. Alta

9. Snowbird

MauiSkiBus 2016-17 Ski Adventure #3

Success in a goal, is always the focus. To elevate that success to a level not ever thought of, is a fantastic life treat. MauiSkiBus, alias MauiMt.BikeBus, alias MauiYogaBus, has attained numerous achievements, never originally thought of. The main goal was to visit and ski 100 different western USA/Canada ski resorts during the 2011/12 ski season. 104 were visited and nearly all resorts supported MauiSkiBus with comp tickets, VIP parking, breakfasts/lunches, and swag.

MauiSkiBus ski adventure #2 happened in 2014/15, where 38 resorts were skied and 52 yoga studios visited. Google has nearly 5 pages of media on MauiSkiBus, X-Games in Aspen saw MauiSkiBus twice{2015 too}, Sundance Film Festival was visited twice{2015}, 2015 FIS World Championsips in Vail/Beaver Creek saw the yellow bus from Maui, Silverton, Colorado, the most difficult ski area in USA/Canada, offered MauiSkiBus VIP parking{2012 and 2015}.

Over 7,000 stickers and other swag has been given out by MauiSkiBus, some just for falling on the slopes, some for spelling your name backwards, some as gifts for special events, and some for no reason at all. Children have been taken to school in MauiSkiBus{17 in Avon, Colorado}, and yoga flash mobs have been held on MauiSkiBus’s dance floor{Sundance Film Festival, Durango/Avon, Colorado, more}.

MauiSkiBus was able to pass out for free, 2,016 fresh flower Hawaiian leis at the 50th Super Bowl in San Francisco, Feb. 2016. The honor to be the first to lei the Super Bowl is bestowed upon MauiSkiBus. Mountain bike adventures to Jackson Hole, Park City, Durango, CO., Downieville, CA. and Lake Tahoe, where MauiMt.BikeBus, was able to show one of it’s alias’.

The 2016/17 MauiSkiBus ski adventure #3 has no special goals, other than no injuries or accidents. This winter journey will have a very flexible itinerary, allowing MauiSkiBus to experience a winter with out a serious schedule. Park City will see MauiSkiBus for the Sundance Film Festival and a visit to Aspen for the  FIS World Cup Finals, will also happen.

MauiSkiBus#3 will end in April 2017. What will be written then. Time, turns, and telling snowflakes to be.

If you desire to contact MauiSkiBusSteve,

MAUISTYL@MAUI.NET or 808-268-1393

TOP Litter

In 1997, before there even was any idea to do MauiSkiBus, a frustrated ski bum windsurfed from LA to Maui. This route took Da Slippa II through the edge of what is called the “Pacific Garbage Patch”, an area in the middle of the Pacific where floating garbage swirls around with the ocean currents.

During the 2012 MauiSkiBus adventure to ski 104 different western USA/Canada resorts, litter along side of the highways was noticed everywhere. When it rains, this litter makes its way into streams, then rivers, then the ocean, and then to the Pacific Garbage Patch.

This is how the idea for TOPLitter came about and it is easy to do. Whenever, wherever ones walks, whether to their car, to work, a hike, Take One Piece of litter and dispose of properly. One person doing this daily will remove 365 pieces in one year. Ten people will total 3,650 pieces, one thousand will equal 36,500 and so on.

So a simple movement is being started by Da Slippa II and MauiSkiBus. There is virtually no reason that everyone does not embrace this, as it is easy to do.

La Ta Yo ke hoe ga

This is the end, beautiful friend, this is the end, my only friend, the end. {J.Morrison} Does this seem a bit depressing? Might feel that way, however, all goals must come to an end. The 2015 goal to ski 50 different western USA/Canada ski resorts fell short at 38. Mother Nature and the lack of snow had her hand in this. The 2015 goal to visit 50 different western USA/Canada yoga studio ended at 52. This 2015 door is to be closed, allowing another door to open.

South Shore Lake Tahoe, the busy shore of this Sierra lake nicknamed “Big Blue” beholds a  bit of a feeling from a distant cousin nicknamed “Sin City”. Tucked away from this busier side of Lake Tahoe, is a delightful yoga studio, with an inviting open door created by Jenay, a poetress of yoga form. MauiSkiBus2 was delighted to finish the 2015 yoga season here, with the door to close and the return door to Maui soon to open.

Whether a door is weathered, wooden, steel, with or without windows, squeaky when opened, or slamming when shut, any door to a yoga studio will add delight into your life. Many multiple emotions of gratitude are sent to all studios that were part of MauiSkiBus/MauiYogaBus 2015. Stretched it, breathed it, sweated it, loved it

This is the end, beautiful friends, this is the end, my many friends.(Tropical Ski Bum Steve}

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truck’n yoga with a hollywood flair

Clarity of sight, a strong visual focus, defined vision of direction, seeing a projected outcome, all contribute to being deviated as not an option. Life’s distractions are so apparent, a moment for a time out will create moments to be focused. MauiSkiBus2, winter 2015, a very light snow year, was saved by MauiYogaBus, being able to attain the goal to visit 50 different western USA/Canada yoga studios, and number 51, was a bit of dessert added with some Hollywood flair.

A chalet brings to mind a rustic mountain cabin, set in the winter woods, surrounded by towering snow draped pine trees, smoke billowing out of the stone fireplace chimney, an invitation to come in out of the cold. A Shaelah shall do the same along a truck roaring freeway, in Truckee, California, high in the Sierra Mountains, often know for its deep winter snowfall storms. Shaelah’s Yoga Studio Tahoe, is worthy of a Hollywood dance studio, a shala that will surely elevate your soul.

Awaken your heart, whether a class is taken during the spring snow melt, the short summer warmth of the High Sierras, or taking in the visuals of fall colors, the goal of better clarity will be attained. Pioneer’s of the distant past once traveled by here, only wishing to be able to stop, enter, and partake in what Shaelah has manifested in Truckee. Your time spent here, just a quick detour from the truck roaring 80 doing 80, will gift you a transformation in your life.

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Yoga hits 50 with a royal sanctuary

Man’s and most woman’s best friend? Dogs. Cats are cool, but never could live up to this previous question. More goes on through a dogs eyes than most humans realize. Picture this. A pack of wolves is out hunting in the northern reaches of the Artic. The alpha wolf leads, focusing eyes on the herd of caribou, looking for the slightest irregular body movement, a limp, a stutter of a step, an aged prey, anything out of a healthy balance. A graceful gait is not in the target, neither are hoofs that step properly unto the frozen tundra, similar to the elegant motion of hands and feet found by MauiSkiBus, while out hunting to the goal of 50.

On a raining evening, the alpha wolf did not see any weakness of motion, nor was aware of any stutter of posture, as MauiSkiBus attained the 2015 goal to visit 50 different western USA/Canada yoga studios. Classic energy of the bygone years, still lurk in this northern sanctuary of Lake Tahoe, where one side reads Cal to Nev and the other Nev to Cal. If the singing voices of this past era were to see the yellow vibrations of MauiSkiBus, what lyrics would they sing and dance to?

Graceful hand gestures, pointing in different directions during poses, very fluid in nature, were what was observed. Instructor Jen, lacking any weakness of body movement,  emitting an energetic personality, one surely to be cloned, entertains at The Sanctuary, across from the historic casinos, of North Lake Tahoe. At times, her graceful motions of flow, were more than a visual that an alpha wolf could absorb, were the entertainer energies of the past assisting?

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