Airware of Breath in J Hole

A troubled person searches far and wide for the meaning of life, trekking across the driest deserts, foraging through the densest jungles, climbing numerous mountain ranges. Upon one range, the troubled person stumbles upon an ancient monastery, knocks on the weathered oak door, and with an echoing creak, the door opens, and standing there is a feeble old monk with beady eyes. “Yes, how may I help you?”, questions the feeble monk. “I have searched far and wide for the meaning of life. Do you know the meaning of life?”, asks the troubled person. The feeble old monk with beady eyes looks deep into the troubled person and states, “You are not ready for the meaning of life”, and closes the weathered oak door, echoing throughout the  ancient monastery.

Ski towns dotting the west have bedroom communities and one close to Teton Pass is Wilson, home of a tiny winy monastery, that cradles the pathway to the meaning of life. Air. Give up everything else and try to live with out air. Air is the first thing that all living things need and learning to breath properly, to be aware of ones breath, can be initiated by a Cam. The second most important is water and Cameron will greet you with your choice of tea, before getting started with proper air intake.

Jackson Hole Yoga Therapy, at the entrance to Wilson, Wyoming, is quaint in size, huge in knowledge, as a sponge of open mindedness resides here. Personal attention is the specialty, as private sessions abound here in this monastery situated below the famous Teton Pass. Drive on up, do some back country skiing, settle back down, and enjoy a cup of organic tea, before a session of knowledge on breath at Jackson Hole Yoga Therapy. By the way, Cameron is not feeble, does not have beady eyes, and the entry is not a weathered oak door.

Three female monks

Two male monks


A Targhee is Worth a Grand

Pass. A car passes, so does a quarterback. A pass is used to get in. MauiSkiBus receives passes. Draftees get passed by. Pass the plate. Getting ready to pass, passed on by, then the past. Not here, as this pass can being passive aggressive. MauiSkiBus has ventured to this ski area in the distant past, as in 1982, and then again during the 2012 adventure, and again on a mountain bike trek in 2014. Always, the past was feared on this pass, as in Teton Pass.

Like it or not, many ski resorts have passes that one must pass through to arrive safely. Staying at home, confined to four boring warm walls, is not what skiers desire on powder days. First chair, first lines, epic snow conditions, and traveling over a pass is a given. Teton Pass, Wyoming, is a big backcountry base for Jackson, Wilson, and Driggs, skiers and boarders. To get up this pass, one with 10 % grades, can be on the strong side of dangerous. MauiSkiBus encountered this on a decent, after a great day of skiing at the Grand Targhee, Wyoming, not Idaho, as the drive up will seem to inform.

The ride up and over Teton Pass will bring all into Idaho and another drive up to Grand Targhee, will delight your eyes with astounding views of the western side of the Tetons. Jackson Hole itself may have the vertical, Grand Targhee has the view and catches the first flakes of snow being trapped by the massive Tetons. Cats live here in the form of back country cat skiing and the famous deep powder of Targhee will deliver many face shots. That can not be passed upon, so hit the pass, head up high early, as you may get passed by a yellow bus with Hawaii plates.

The Wheel of Medicine Turns Here

Injuries, especially a blown knee, can devastate a skier or snowboarder. Then comes surgery, bed rest, elevation, ice, medications, and pain full re-hab. The wheel is spinning here, as wishes criss-cross in minds of the injured, to get this over with, to get well, to stop the pain, as medicine of the past is not the medicine of the future. Medicine Wheel Wellness, the name itself shares the spokes of progress to regain one’s health.

MauiSkiBus came upon a yoga studio in Jackson, Wyoming from a blown knee. Not a tropical ski bum’s knee, from a delivery to physical therapy of a buddy, J Budd. Pain can be from the injury itself and it can also be from healing the injury, and herbal oils help sooth the pain. Soft gentle hands belong to Francine, a lady of stability, the core hub of MedicineWheelWellness. Time spent in this lass’s lair was too short for MauiSkiBus, as room after room after room of alternate healing techniques were shown. Was it only a yoga class with herbal blended oils and the personalized tour, or was MauiSkiBus left spinning round and round, like the wheel of health that spins here?

It is now more and more acceptable to seek alternate healing methods and preventative methods that are proven. Modern western medicine has its place and its faults. With a blend of the two, humans are at a transformation point, having the ability to use both. Try to fix a broken leg with exotic oils, not, however using exotic oils can prevent sickness. Francine has created in the core of Jackson a healing location that has many spokes of different techniques that radiate from her forever youthful charm.

Three Lass’

Two Lads


Akasha’s Neesha =Jackson’s Pu’uwai

Confusion. How does one understand Maui Ski Bus, skiing all these different ski resorts, adding in yoga, but from Maui, where there is yoga, however no skiing? Contacting numerous ski resorts marketing departments and now different yoga studios, MauiSkiBus has been met with funny looks, comments of “I do not understand”, and of course many other confusing questions. So it was at a shala of a pu’uwai, with windows that offered views to the towering slopes of Snow King Ski Resort, in the heart, pu’uwai, of Jackson, Wyoming.

Neesha, owner of Akasha Yoga in Jackson Hole, opened her pu’uwai, heart, to MauiSkiBus, with a yoga class that was centered around opening ones heart. As with an open mind, an open heart will beat brighter and stronger. A practice in yoga will often reveal the heart beat, a beat that is so important, one we often forget exists. Adding into this mix, is Neesha’s soft style of poses, with a before and after smile, sending warmth into all hearts attending.

MauiSkiBus’s 2015 adventure to attempt to ski 50 resorts and visit 50 yoga studios has been met with great success in Jackson Hole area. This particular ski area has an abundant selection of yoga studios to attend. Akasha Yoga in Jackson, so close to the National Elk Refuge, a short stroll from the steep slopes of Snow King, offers numerous choices of classes. Thank you Neesha, from the bottom of MauiSkiBus’s pu’uwai!

Six ladies

Two Men


Teton Yoga Shala

Modern day auto navigation now rarely uses atlas’s anymore, as smartphones and the Google navigation chick, Siri, “Turn left at the next light”, have replaced what was. Still problems persist, an atlas can be outdated and Siri may need at times to be re-programed, especially if a tropical ski bum forgot her birthday or St. Valentines Day. Asking directions to locals can be the best and easiest way to get around, but what happens when even a local can not explain directions? “Just follow me”, was the comment that MauiSkiBus received in finding the way through the aspens, at the base of the Teton Range.

Upon a dance up the stairs, MauiSkiBus was greeted with a smile from the owner Lady A of a shala under the Teton Range that often has an animal M wandering around the entrance. Dangerous and ready to charge, are the moose that are abundant around Teton Yoga Shala, owned by Adir and Angela. Communication with Adir was on it and the class with Angela, well, the moose might be a little calmer. This Lady A, opened hips and knees of a tropical ski bum, making them flexible enough to straddle that moose!

Post class, with a bit of a different gait, MauiSkiBus shared the core of that yellow bus to said such Lady A. Eyes were a bit wide open, questions were asked, with the last one being, “Could I have a jump?”. At the beginning of this yoga experience, MauiSkiBus was driven to Teton Yoga Shala, and at the end, MauiSkiBus, was to come to a car battery rescue. The resident moose under the Teton Range must have been watching, with a bit of a smile, as Lady A of Teton Yoga Shala exclainmed, “I love MauiSkiBus!”.

Seven female moose

Two bull moose



Son of Jack’s 1st 9 months is Inverted

Shrinking, you are shrinking, as gravity is pulling you down, pushing joints and all other flexible parts of your body together, compacting, constantly. MauiSkiBus has lived with the opposite ideas and thoughts since the early 80′s, expanding, stretching, pulling apart, using gravity as a benefit. Inversion, upside down, as a hanging bat, elongation, the same that Jack’s son did the 1st nine months of life.

Inversion Yoga of Jackson, Wyoming is on a bit of a busy by pass route around the heart of Jackson, and fittingly so. With a popularity among locals, international tourists, and guest teachers, a busy successful feel is what flows here in the converging area of their lobby. Hot yoga sweaters on one side and all others on the other, makes for a great choice, do you step right or go left for class? MauiSkiBus picked a class called “Maui”, normally taught by Ariel, however this time taught by Ariel. Are they inverting Ariel to teach the Maui class?

Success can be felt here, as Ms. Jess, seems to know all that venture in, escaping the sometimes bitter cold that the Jackson area is known for. A guest teacher from the Big Apple ventured here too, bringing his techniques, his style, his dominant aura, to the far west, with a bit of confusion. What is the chance that a delightful lady named Ariel would have a guest male teacher named Ariel? Go figure this later, as class is on, find your spot, love your neighbor, as poses in this popular class can be side by side. Maui No Ka Oi, “Maui is the best!”

33 ladies

7 men


Above the Dungeon Lives a White Buffalo

noun- a strong underground prison cell, especially in a medieval castle. Then above the dungeon is the castle, one where the family of the white buffalo gaze at your every move, eyes that peer into your soul, seeing inner cores of all that enter. Whispers are heard, as wild animals surround the white buffalo, ones that hear missed breathes, will the feline pounce? A structure from the outside, stout stone walls trimmed with dark grains of wood, an eye captivating castle within. Enter all, step forward to a warm greeting, leaving the brisk winter chills behind. The white buffalo watches. Step to the right or the left, tip toing down steps to the dungeon of desires, desires mixed with spirits hidden behind glass, rooms a plenty to hide and sweat, will you be tortured, or will you torture yourself? This dungeon has echoes of the hoofs, will behold a speakeasy, hidden behind secure doors. Will you venture here, to the chamber, below the castle, surrounded by dark mountain chills, in a state, a state of delight, as the white buffalo’s spirit looms in the shadows?

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Grand Tetons, a plethora of wild animals, Yellowstone Park, the wild destination of the wild west, and in the heartbeat of all of this, beats the White Buffalo Club. Simply put, a must to visit, whether to stay, to delightfully dine, to sing at the grand piano, play king and queen, comfy in front of the stone fireplace, marvel at the artwork adorning the hallway walls, torture yourself in the dungeon gym, or to enjoy a soft yoga class. Yes, MauiSkiBus can now add a yoga experience in a studio that is in the dungeon of the White Buffalo Club. Any tortured prisoner from medieval times, would relish moments here, the class, the design, the luxury that abounds throughout the castle of the buffalo of white.

The keepers of the white buffalo’s castle, observant of the royal guests, greet with smiles, have the knowledge to share, as it is rumored that they themselves, have seen, in the shadows, the shadow of the white buffalo, that elusive medieval beast, the one that sees, that roams, that lives, here in the valley of Jackson. A princess name, yes, from those times, Ainslie, twisted and turned the spine, of a tropical ski bum. Yoga in a dungeon torture chamber? You be the judge, as once the breath of the white buffalo descends into your stretched out core, you will return for more.

Four Princesses

Three Princes


Skiing in USA’s Africa? Jack’s Son Did

Many ski area post warning signs all over their mountain of hazards, exposed rocks, cliffs, avalanche dangers, slow skiing zones, cross under orange barrier ropes and lose tickets, and even experts only slopes. Even on all lift tickets are printed disclaimers, hazards, and warnings. All that ski and snowboard are well aware of the dangers that lurk on ski mountains. At times, just getting to a ski resort, with icy roads, white out driving conditions, and actual drivers that should not be on the road, are dangerous enough. Then those roads signs warning of wild animals, as many animals as a safari expedition in Africa. Want to experience the feel a winter safari expedition? Drive around whole area of Jackson, as the range of the Tetons beckoning you to ski.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is as close to being in a feel of so many wild animals in the USA, as a safari in Africa could share. Signs are posted everywhere, warning of deer and elk crossings, moose in the area, beware of bears, and flashing signs stating slow down at night. Wild, yes, Jackson Hole has that wild feel before even getting to the mountain. Once there, the wild western design in the parking lot, is not just any lot, as the restrooms are a painted mural to delight all that enter. Even the transfer buses will  deliver a vision to your eyes, with the towering mountain of Jackson Hole looming behind.

Upon entering the village of J Hole, the tram line will seem to run forever. Wait not you will, as each tram holds one hundred hungry skiers and snowboarders, as hungry as a lion’s belly, far away in Africa. Be ready, as masses squeeze into the tram of Jackson and what seems as a only a few deep breaths, the doors open to a heavenly scene of the Tetons to play in and the Jackson plains where all the wild animals roam. Need more ski space? Got legs and lungs? Step out, past more warning signs, into the wilds where you might be asked to track a wolverine. Least of your worries here, as the snow that many love to live in, may not let you live more. Avalanches are abundant here, didn’t you read the warning sign?

Jackson Hole, Wyoming loved MauiSkiBus2 with three days of skiing invitations. Anna Cole, marketing manager for this ski resort in USA’s Africa is given a big mahalo/thank-you from MauiSkiBus.

Got Winter Boat Blues? Add Steam

Ski resorts offer an opportunity to get out and enjoy the wintery weather, whether crisp clear blue sunny days, grey overcast dull light days, or that skiers wish, a foot or more of fresh powder. While a vast majority of North Americans detest a blizzard, snow enthusiasts love the weather forecast of a massive amounts of white flakes to fall. Depression sets in for hundreds of millions with the arrival of winter and cold temperatures, snowstorms, and comment of “I can’t wait for winter to be over with”. With avid skiers and snowboarders, depression sets in when the forecast has warm temperatures, a dry winter, and comments of “that ski area a thousand miles away received two feet and we received two inches”.

Smiles abound so gleefully when it does snow at a ski resort, and Denver has a classic destination, one with an easy  to access hot spring, a ski resort that has a very youthful feel, one to wash away the winter blues. With the combination of a very efficient transportation system, the steam to warm chilly bones, snow as soft as soft snow can get, Steamboat Springs will deliver so many smiles on a winter day. This is a ski destination that skiers from all over the world go to just to be at and ski Steamboat, as no other major ski area is an easy drive from here. Steamboat delivers many desires in a ski location, especially warmth to drive away the winter blues.



Hootin’ and a Howlin’ on a Hill of 100

A vertical hill of 440 feet. Not 4400 feet. A hill, not a mountain. Lodge, more of a shrine. Busy, but yes, of course. Known by Olympians, 79 of them, more than any other hill or mountain across the USA. Do skiers and boarders howl here? Of course, for the last 100 years. Famous? Well at least in the Hall of Fame. Was that a typo, 440 feet of vertical?

How can a hill, a 440 foot vertical hill be so unique and produce so many Olympians? It is simple. Pride and dedication. An easy location with a steep grade, one that holds steep ski jumps, where skiers seem to fly into the Yampa River, just a bit past the tracks that hoot. Daily trains blast their horns, drawing the attention of all, awaking all from the deep ski dreams of night.

MauiSkiBus was given a tour of Howelson Hill, in the heart of Steamboat Springs, by one ski patroller, Mr. Fletcher, with real stories of Olympic experiences. Whether a look to the left or right, the lodge, well really a shrine, harbors and stores relics of the 100 years past, as Howelson Hill, all 100 years old, qualifies as ski museum. Want to ski here for the numerous turns, the choices of runs, the exhilaration of a 4400 vertical mountain? By pass this hill, as Howelson has not, but has more. Inspiration, dedication, and pride, those are not bought, those are passed on and on. Hence, another 100 years will pass, more Olympians will emerge from here, and more will be added to this Steamboat ski shrine.