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The three main mountain ranges in the western USA are Rockies, Sierras, and the lesser known, Cascades. All have lakes of various sizes, none compare in popularity to one lake in the Sierras. Never freezing, known for water clarity, sitting at an elevation over 6,000 feet high, and nicknamed, “Big Blue”. Usually also known for a deep winter snowfall, in the recent years past, the winter snowstorms have decided to avoid this Sierra lake, receding the lake level lower than the only outlet that starts west, then U turns, to go east. This east direction is what is viewed from at a yoga studio, high in the Sierras.

San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area residents have a three hour drive to the north shore side of Lake Tahoe, gaining more than 6,000 vertical feet from sea level. This elevation change can be a challenge for most, however the real challenge is about to begin. Mountain Lotus Yoga, in Tahoe City, with a location right on the shores of beautiful “Big Blue”, Lake Tahoe, will captivate you with visual delights. Time will tick by, as this view will hypnotize you, as that ticking clock will perhaps make you late for class. Be early, as a delightful Ms. Jamie will make sure that you have a spot to turn your focus on the main reason that you are here.

A newly revived sport from Hawaii is now an avid sport by many, stand up paddle boarding, or SUP for short, and Mountain Lotus offers classes on Lake Tahoe, for a new twist to traditional yoga. Even the high mountain air temperatures may be a comfortable on dry skin, a lost balance on an SUP will awaken all body senses. Balance focus will take on a new meaning on an SUP instead of a yoga mat, so enjoy a stretching downward dog, however an unstable full tree pose may get you watered!

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