TOP Litter

In 1997, before there even was any idea to do MauiSkiBus, a frustrated ski bum windsurfed from LA to Maui. This route took Da Slippa II through the edge of what is called the “Pacific Garbage Patch”, an area in the middle of the Pacific where floating garbage swirls around with the ocean currents.

During the 2012 MauiSkiBus adventure to ski 104 different western USA/Canada resorts, litter along side of the highways was noticed everywhere. When it rains, this litter makes its way into streams, then rivers, then the ocean, and then to the Pacific Garbage Patch.

This is how the idea for TOPLitter came about and it is easy to do. Whenever, wherever ones walks, whether to their car, to work, a hike, Take One Piece of litter and dispose of properly. One person doing this daily will remove 365 pieces in one year. Ten people will total 3,650 pieces, one thousand will equal 36,500 and so on.

So a simple movement is being started by Da Slippa II and MauiSkiBus. There is virtually no reason that everyone does not embrace this, as it is easy to do.

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