2019 MauiSkiBus Adventure ##4

The whole idea that turned into MauiSkiBus started on Maui in November 2010, when Mammoth received over 200″ of snow. I had just started a fantastic job with Westin Villas Maui and asked my manager Randy for two weeks off in December to get my ski addiction fulfilled.
Randy listened to my request, snickered a bit when he replied that I had just started working, with a a funny decline. I walked away a bit frustrated and decided that I did not want to ski one resort 100 days, but 100 resorts for only a day. Goal set, now to achieve success.
Searching Maui Craigslist, I came across a former diesel powered shuttle bus for $5,000. A yellow paint job, a custom interior build out, a naming of MauiSkiBus, and a shipping to California was the preparation to start the goal.
November 2011 was the start of MauiSkiBus and Big Bear was the first resort. Mammoth was the first major resort that embraced the mission of MauiSkiBus and that started the welcome that MauiSkiBus still receives today, 8 years later. Nearly every resort of the 104 visited in 2011/2012 shared comp tickets, VIP parking, mountain hosts, and more.
MauiSkiBus has shared over 10,000 stickers and swag, some from MauiSkiBus, some from resorts. Google has nearly four pages listed on MauiSkiBus, many from interviews with Outside TV Vail, Park City, and Tahoe.
The winter of 2014/2015 saw MauiSkiBus adventure #2, winter of 2016/2017 adventure #3, and winter of 2018/2019 adventure #4.
The first three were with three different dogs and now #4 with my wife Queen Lenka, learning to live on the road during winter months.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any questions, please send an e-mail to MAUISTYL@MAUI.NET

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