2022 Update from MauiSkiBus

MauiSkiBus has now surpassed 10 years of mainly winter adventures. Since the 2011/2012 success to ski 104 alpine/nordic western USA/Canada resorts, MauiSkiBus continues to diesel on. 2015 saw 38 resorts and 52 yoga studios and 2017 was again venturing to ski areas, with six months away from Maui.

The more recent years have seen MauiSkiBus spending extended time at the very steep slopes of Silverton, Colorado. Silverton has been more than gracious towards MauiSkiBus and MauiSkiBus is currently enjoying the expert only slopes of Silverton 2022. Unguided 2023 plans for MauiSkiBus are in the works.

MauiSkiBus has added very delightful fall mountain biking and trail running during the fall period in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Queen Lenka and Livia Joelle have enjoyed the Yellowstone area fall 2021. No close encounters with bears, however great sightings of elk, deer, and bison. Even though West Yellowstone is very touristy busy, the Wolf and Grizzly center is worth a visit.

Gillett Diesel in Bluffdale, Utah, near Salt Lake City, has kept MauiSkiBus’ 6.5L turbo diesel in top condition. When purchased on Maui in 2011, the 2001 MauiSkiBus had 104,000 miles and now in April 2022, the mileage reads 159,000. Diesels are know to have hundreds of thousands of miles on the engine and hopefully MauiSkiBus can attain 200,000 plus miles.

This would be a fun benefit for Queen Lenka, Livia Joelle, and a Tropical Ski Bum, however many others enjoy seeing MauiSkiBus. Since the first adventure of MauiSkiBus in 2011, over 10,000 pieces of swag{stickers, hats, shirts, pins, playing cards, Maui coffee, Maui calenders, lip balm, goggle wipes, etc} have been passed out. Now Livia Joelle will get to experience numerous smiles from others by passing out items from MauiSkiBus.

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