La Ta Yo ke hoe ga

This is the end, beautiful friend, this is the end, my only friend, the end. {J.Morrison} Does this seem a bit depressing? Might feel that way, however, all goals must come to an end. The 2015 goal to ski 50 different western USA/Canada ski resorts fell short at 38. Mother Nature and the lack of snow had her hand in this. The 2015 goal to visit 50 different western USA/Canada yoga studio ended at 52. This 2015 door is to be closed, allowing another door to open.

South Shore Lake Tahoe, the busy shore of this Sierra lake nicknamed “Big Blue” beholds a  bit of a feeling from a distant cousin nicknamed “Sin City”. Tucked away from this busier side of Lake Tahoe, is a delightful yoga studio, with an inviting open door created by Jenay, a poetress of yoga form. MauiSkiBus2 was delighted to finish the 2015 yoga season here, with the door to close and the return door to Maui soon to open.

Whether a door is weathered, wooden, steel, with or without windows, squeaky when opened, or slamming when shut, any door to a yoga studio will add delight into your life. Many multiple emotions of gratitude are sent to all studios that were part of MauiSkiBus/MauiYogaBus 2015. Stretched it, breathed it, sweated it, loved it

This is the end, beautiful friends, this is the end, my many friends.(Tropical Ski Bum Steve}

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