Yoga hits 50 with a royal sanctuary

Man’s and most woman’s best friend? Dogs. Cats are cool, but never could live up to this previous question. More goes on through a dogs eyes than most humans realize. Picture this. A pack of wolves is out hunting in the northern reaches of the Artic. The alpha wolf leads, focusing eyes on the herd of caribou, looking for the slightest irregular body movement, a limp, a stutter of a step, an aged prey, anything out of a healthy balance. A graceful gait is not in the target, neither are hoofs that step properly unto the frozen tundra, similar to the elegant motion of hands and feet found by MauiSkiBus, while out hunting to the goal of 50.

On a raining evening, the alpha wolf did not see any weakness of motion, nor was aware of any stutter of posture, as MauiSkiBus attained the 2015 goal to visit 50 different western USA/Canada yoga studios. Classic energy of the bygone years, still lurk in this northern sanctuary of Lake Tahoe, where one side reads Cal to Nev and the other Nev to Cal. If the singing voices of this past era were to see the yellow vibrations of MauiSkiBus, what lyrics would they sing and dance to?

Graceful hand gestures, pointing in different directions during poses, very fluid in nature, were what was observed. Instructor Jen, lacking any weakness of body movement,  emitting an energetic personality, one surely to be cloned, entertains at The Sanctuary, across from the historic casinos, of North Lake Tahoe. At times, her graceful motions of flow, were more than a visual that an alpha wolf could absorb, were the entertainer energies of the past assisting?

2 queens

1 king


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