MauiSkiBus 2016-17 Ski Adventure #3

Success in a goal, is always the focus. To elevate that success to a level not ever thought of, is a fantastic life treat. MauiSkiBus, alias MauiMt.BikeBus, alias MauiYogaBus, has attained numerous achievements, never originally thought of. The main goal was to visit and ski 100 different western USA/Canada ski resorts during the 2011/12 ski season. 104 were visited and nearly all resorts supported MauiSkiBus with comp tickets, VIP parking, breakfasts/lunches, and swag.

MauiSkiBus ski adventure #2 happened in 2014/15, where 38 resorts were skied and 52 yoga studios visited. Google has nearly 5 pages of media on MauiSkiBus, X-Games in Aspen saw MauiSkiBus twice{2015 too}, Sundance Film Festival was visited twice{2015}, 2015 FIS World Championsips in Vail/Beaver Creek saw the yellow bus from Maui, Silverton, Colorado, the most difficult ski area in USA/Canada, offered MauiSkiBus VIP parking{2012 and 2015}.

Over 7,000 stickers and other swag has been given out by MauiSkiBus, some just for falling on the slopes, some for spelling your name backwards, some as gifts for special events, and some for no reason at all. Children have been taken to school in MauiSkiBus{17 in Avon, Colorado}, and yoga flash mobs have been held on MauiSkiBus’s dance floor{Sundance Film Festival, Durango/Avon, Colorado, more}.

MauiSkiBus was able to pass out for free, 2,016 fresh flower Hawaiian leis at the 50th Super Bowl in San Francisco, Feb. 2016. The honor to be the first to lei the Super Bowl is bestowed upon MauiSkiBus. Mountain bike adventures to Jackson Hole, Park City, Durango, CO., Downieville, CA. and Lake Tahoe, where MauiMt.BikeBus, was able to show one of it’s alias’.

The 2016/17 MauiSkiBus ski adventure #3 has no special goals, other than no injuries or accidents. This winter journey will have a very flexible itinerary, allowing MauiSkiBus to experience a winter with out a serious schedule. Park City will see MauiSkiBus for the Sundance Film Festival and a visit to Aspen for theĀ  FIS World Cup Finals, will also happen.

MauiSkiBus#3 will end in April 2017. What will be written then. Time, turns, and telling snowflakes to be.

If you desire to contact MauiSkiBusSteve,

MAUISTYL@MAUI.NET or 808-268-1393

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