truck’n yoga with a hollywood flair

Clarity of sight, a strong visual focus, defined vision of direction, seeing a projected outcome, all contribute to being deviated as not an option. Life’s distractions are so apparent, a moment for a time out will create moments to be focused. MauiSkiBus2, winter 2015, a very light snow year, was saved by MauiYogaBus, being able to attain the goal to visit 50 different western USA/Canada yoga studios, and number 51, was a bit of dessert added with some Hollywood flair.

A chalet brings to mind a rustic mountain cabin, set in the winter woods, surrounded by towering snow draped pine trees, smoke billowing out of the stone fireplace chimney, an invitation to come in out of the cold. A Shaelah shall do the same along a truck roaring freeway, in Truckee, California, high in the Sierra Mountains, often know for its deep winter snowfall storms. Shaelah’s Yoga Studio Tahoe, is worthy of a Hollywood dance studio, a shala that will surely elevate your soul.

Awaken your heart, whether a class is taken during the spring snow melt, the short summer warmth of the High Sierras, or taking in the visuals of fall colors, the goal of better clarity will be attained. Pioneer’s of the distant past once traveled by here, only wishing to be able to stop, enter, and partake in what Shaelah has manifested in Truckee. Your time spent here, just a quick detour from the truck roaring 80 doing 80, will gift you a transformation in your life.

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