December 2022

How to time flies or does time fly? Just like in quantum mechanics, matter does not exist until it is looked for. Motion is all there is, similar to floating snowflakes falling down upon wishful eyes, tickling cheeks, and avoiding extended tongues. Watching those white singular flakes dancing down, it might appear that there is a lack of order.

However so untrue, as the motion of matter has a harmony, an interaction on an atomic level. When the motion of a snow flake appears, motion and matter coexist.

Flying time of ten years of MauiSkiBus has passed, past the first decade and now into the second decade, however not by flying, but a motion of rolling wheels.

60,000 rolling miles after the initial start in November 2011, MauiSkiBus continues it’s December 2022 motion of the snow flakes that matter to Snowbird/Alta{dumping matter of snow of five feet}, Nordic Valley, Eden, Utah{where a 2 year 5 month Livia Joelle first skied on white matter}, Snowbasin, SnowKing, and Jackson Hole.

2023 is now flying in and more miles will appear on the dash of MauiSkiBus. A unique locale high up in the San Juans, will again blend some yellow motion into white matter, with ton of Silver.

More motion creates heat, something that can be lacking at the 10,400′ base of Silverton Ski Area, a welcoming destination lacking what matters to majority of skiers. No need to miss a luxurious lodge, fancy aprez ski party, or a modern washroom, as Silverton never has had that.

MauiSkiBus is now in its second decade of doing mainly ski adventures throughout the western USA/Canada. Additional adventures have been to Rocky Mountain mountain bike trails and US National Parks.

It has been great to run into many that have seen MauiSkiBus before and delightful to see the smiles and stares of awe, to those that get to view MauiSkiBus for the first time. Continuing to share stickers lives on with MauiSkiBus, easily surpassing 10,000 handed out.

Any further questions, please reach out to TropicalSkiBumSteve, MAUISTYL@MAUI.NET or 808-268-1393

Keep the motion going or the matter will disappear.

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