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Leave the crowd, go solo dude

Standing in a lift line when the snow conditions are perfect is not what will make a great day of skiing. Being able to get those first tracks, to find a secret stash of clean untracked powder is in the forefront of any skier/snowboarder’s mind. Skiing solo, or single, helps to get you on the lift [...]

Einstein’s Imagination endorses Gravity Yoga

More and more is being found out about quantum physics, the relationship between matter and motion. All matter is constantly in motion and all matter on Earth has gravity as a force field. A spine is simply a strong boney spring that holds together the human skeleton, compressing when walking or doing most forms of lifting [...]

Mountain Sandy works for Yoga

Really, too expensive to take a yoga class? One beer at a bar is five bucks, drink three, take a yoga class. Four Starbucks is a yoga class. Couple stupid packs of cigarettes? Take a yoga class. An injury because one might be too stiff, lacking flexibility? Take a yoga class for a year. Work [...]

Basin of Snow’s Gondola Museum

Actions speak louder than words. The achievements of deceased men will live on through the lips of alive men. Once written, stands forever. Just Google it. Life is easier to exist than excel, as the non-doers have more time to sit around and talk about the doers. Focusing on the Olympics, summer or winter, is [...]

water first while reading the white menu

The atmosphere at a ski resort is usually about the snow conditions, lift lines, where there is still powder three days after a blizzard, but what is often missing, the dining experience. Bigger world known resorts, such as Aspen, Telluride, Vail/Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Deer Valley, Whistler, all have the five star restaurants, some situated at [...]

ba ba ba lu lu lu yo ga

Hypnotic. Mesmerising. Enchanting. A solution to violent behaviour. This has been found, found far, far away, under a mackenzie, near an area that stokes so many, as rebels would lay down their arms, and then open their arms. MauiSkiBus felt this this, had no need to lay down arms, but did open up the arms. Sounds [...]

Rebel has a new attitude, so stoked!

Attitude. The longer one desires to ski, the more one realizes the impact of attitude is on skiing.  Attitude,  is more important than facts. It is more important than the past snow reports, than the future reports, than money not made, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what has been said or not offered in [...]

Well, yoga is a business that must winds

This Lotus is Twice Golden

Soldier, firefighter, pilot, police, medical field worker, parents. What do they all have in common that is very high? Stress. How do many relieve stress? The wrong way, such as alcohol, drugs, violence, re-hab and therapists. The last two are more of “I am at my wit’s end” solution. Then there is the expense, potential embarrassment, and [...]

Kicking Bear and the Golden Horse

What can be scary, weighs around 700 plus pounds, and lives at a ski resort? Give up? Boo. Not Boo Who? Just Boo. The golden horse knows this, as sensitive nostrils smell Boo, driving the horse of golden to kick. Step away, step away from that fence, beware, as the bare backed horse has done. [...]