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A city without yoga sinners

As the human body ages, sports and athlectic activities will and do change. Football players end up barely walking. Golfers are chastised with knee and back injuries, due to the constant a-symmetrical swing. Tennis elbow anyone? Marathon runners end up with stress factors. Cycling mainly uses the lower body, leaving an unbalanced physique. Like swimming? Better [...]

Y om in a yoga sanctuary?

Sounds of chirping birds, mixed in with barking dogs, adding in over 7,000,000,000(billion} souls of different languages and voice tones, maybe toss in a bit of the humming of Mother Earth, spinning on a tilted axis, all combining to sound like? Quatum mechanics and astro-physics delve into the science of all that exist from the Big [...]

hotties hit 103 on the yoga meter

Ok, so multiple times, MauiSkiBus has received comments that the reason to attend yoga classes during the 2015 ski/yoga season is because of all the hotties. Butt, that is correct, sort of. It would be way too shallow of a healthy mindset of proper thoughts for that to be the reason. Maybe a benefit, butt [...]

man, a month of 200 inches

Snow report; November, 2010, over 200 inches of snow fell, at a famous elephant relative of a ski resort and MauiSkiBus was stuck. Stuck on a tropical island named Maui. A tropical ski bum in the making was frustrated that this amount of snow was falling and not a bit of it could be enjoyed from [...]

creeky edges are hidden in the snow

Ski resorts that usually receive heaps of snow need guides to share with all where the road is, where the sidewalks directs, and most importantly, snowplow drivers to clear snow away properly. Varies types of poles are placed along roads, sidewalks, and intersections to outline the edges. When the snow melts, or  too many years [...]

shanti, sierra called for yoga

During the 2015 ski/yoga adventure season, MauiSkiBus actually spends hours and hours contacting marketing managers at ski resorts and introduces this adventure to yoga studios. The means for an introduction to the yoga studios, it is either an e-mail with photos or a personal phone message. Yes, a personal phone message, in the non-personal texting age. Really, [...]

yoga will mob your abs

Resort towns that are focused around sports are usually confined in some manner by a geographic land mass, an ocean, or a mountain. Expansion in these areas are not as easy as flat plains, deserts, or swamp land. Orlando is basically a swamp, so drain it, and then there is land to build. The desert surrounding [...]

A birdie flys in the snow

the core of cortez’s heart loves yoga

Stress, it builds, destroys, cracks a soul, even cracks metal in the suspension of a bridge. From one point directed to another, many relieve their own stress by sending it to others. This is the human emotional bridge, passing energy from one to another, not always the desirable type of emotion wanted. Bundle the stress and [...]

Do U ran go to Yoga?

Three positions. That is what most adult’s human body are accustomed to. Sitting, standing, and horizontal. Reaching, bending, and twisting are not all that common. Compression happens, extension rarely occurs. As one ages, one decreases, decreases in size, mass, and flexibility. Are we as humans really meant to accept this? Run, run now, to avoid what will [...]